Thursday, May 26, 2016

NEWS: Darkestrah

label: Osmose Productions
release: 29 April 2016
Masters of epic symphonic black metal Darkestrah return once again with another jewel for the band's supporters: shriek vocalizing, sweeping background symphonics, blasting at times, slower at others, the consistent guitar work and sound that utilizes speed, melodies and riffs that have come to characterize this epic metal band. Of course, at first, it sounds like there is a lot going on in the songs, but that's how this veteran bunch do things. It's not simple songs. Supporters already know what to expect, but new listeners should approach it with a bit of patience. The sound quality is strictly traditional black metal, well within the realm of a chaotic atmosphere. As usual, it is difficult to make fast and extreme music sound very clear to the ear. This album is worthwhile to look into for the public that supports epic, symphonic and folk black metal. Below there is official information about the new album and the band, which no longer has Kriegtalith (1999-2014) on vocals. The new vocalist is Merkith. At the link below you can listen to the complete album and hear for yourself the new work.
At the beginning of the year 2016, DARKESTRAH are writing a new chapter in their history by releasing their sixth opus. The new work, entitled Turan, is a spiritual journey, a shamanic quest for knowledge that leads to endless steppes of Cental Asia, frozen rivers of Ural, dark halls of Erlik-Khan, the God of Death to the fire hidden in man’s soul. It is based on a vast variety of mythological and ritualistic traditions. Musically, the album combines and refines all artistic discoveries the band made in course of the years. Oriental folk melodies are entwined with epic black metal riffing and a touch of gloomy doom metal. Let the hidden light shine from the lands of Turan!
1.One with the Grey Spirit 10:23
2.Erlik-Khan 08:10
3.Conversions of the Seer 07:53
4.Gleaming Madness 06:59
5.Bird of Prey 09:46
6.The Hidden Light 09:13
total time 52:24
DARKESTRAH was formed in mid 1999 by Asbath in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The first demo entitled “Pagan Black Act” was recorded in December 1999. In December 2000 the second demo “Through the Ashes of the Shamanic Flames” was recorded. It was released through German label Curse of KvN Sadistic in 2003. In February 2003 the debut album “Sary Oy” was recorded and released through NCR in 2004. The album gained worldwide response. It contained great melodic parts combined with traditional instruments such as kyl-kyjak, komuz or sygyt. Female Black Metal vocals and throat singing created the atmosphere of a shamanic ritual. The lyrics of three songs on “Sary Oy” are based on ancient Kyrgyz tales about three sisters, the personifications of natural forces. This record has marked DARKESTRAH as one of the most interesting bands within the Shamanic Pagan Black Metal genre.
In September 2004 the limited MLP “The Way to Paganism” was recorded and released on NCR in 2005. In August 2005 “Embrace of Memory”, the second full-length album, was recorded in Blue House Studio. Its final version was released in October 2005. In January 2007 DARKESTRAH have released the third album, “Epos”. This time they’ve changed to “Kick the Flame Studio” (a studio that belongs to the DISILLUSION guitarist). The album consists of one long magical mid-temped Black Metal composition with some acoustic tunes and atmospheric feel. “Epos” is completely dedicated to the lake Issyk-Kul', which is located in Central Asia. There are dozens of legends, histories, myths and fairy tales about this lake. Every aspect of Epos signifies a spiritual, almost pre-historic journey. The album is rich with pagan themes, but they are not represented in a way that seems to be almost a clich├ę in Black Metal these days. DARKESTRAH’s approach to expression of pagan feeling is based on the use of subtle yet powerful musical accents.
In March 2007 DARKESTRAH have discontinued their collaboration with NCR and one month later have signed a deal with US label Paragon Records. In March 2008 DARKESTRAH have finished the recording session for the new studio album “The Great Silk Road” and the work was released on August 31st 2008 through Paragon Records. In February 2011 the band was signed to the French label Osmose Productions. This is, without doubt, the beginning of a new era for the band. The first work in collaboration with Osmose Productions was an MCD/MLP “Khagan”. This three-track release, dedicated to the great Genghis Khan, saw the light of day on September 24th 2011. In summer 2012 DARKESTRAH have finished their work on a new long-player entitled “Manas” that is to be released in the late 2012/early 2013. This album is inspired by Kyrgyz national epic poem “Manas Destan─▒”. The band continues to walk the once chosen path of Epic Shamanic Metal.

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