Friday, April 10, 2015

DRAWN AND QUARTERED: part 5 out of 5: interview

Here is the final part of the interview with the death metal band DRAWN AND QUARTERED from Seattle. This segment brings us up to date on the band's plans for this year. There are four previous parts of this interview.
How difficult is it for you (financially, time-wise, work/job, family, health...) to continue making your metal as you get older? When bands are young they'll travel across the country in a van and come back home with nothing, but if someone offers you a gig all the way across the country and you're going to sleep in someone's house on the sofa, how appealing is that to Drawn and Quartered at this point in time?
Honestly it was always difficult. Instead of relaxing with friends and family, doing regular activities, enjoying hobbies and down time, all of your free time goes into writing, practicing, rehearsing, recording and doing shows. And making money to pay for gear, rehearsal rooms, travel and whatever else you have to invest in. It takes a certain amount of drive, dedication and discipline to consistently do even more work. And the work environment is a challenge, I work really hard to make as much money as I can sometimes multiple jobs, side businesses and whatever you have to do to survive and thrive and finance your dreams and goals.
Having never stopped, and after doing multiple bands and projects, at this point it isn't that hard at all. We currently rehearse in my house. I've had to work very hard to create a lifestyle for myself and create the financial and personal situation for myself to be able to do this. You have to have your shit together, and that can be harder the doing the music for sure. Most people eventually quit. They get sick of it all. You have to absolutely love it. It can't be just for money, because you might not see much of a profit for a long, long time.
It doesn't make as much sense to just drive around in a van playing shows and sleeping on couches. I've done plenty of that. It's about utilizing your time and resources to the maximum effect. I'd rather fly out and do some shows. Why do I need to cart guitar cabinets around anymore, there are plenty to use. It seems silly for 3-5+ bands to all bring cabinets and each move them on and off the stage for a show. I'm going to do shows and make sacrifices when I get to play for new audiences, at promising shows and festivals. And I expect some money to help defray expenses. It's is not very wise as a business person to take a loss year after year. You're doing it wrong. Being metal doesn't mean you have to be broke and stupid. It means you're a warrior and you'll do what it takes to make progress. I have to be more critical about what shows and projects I agree to. I am getting older, and to me that means I don't have time to screw around. I expect a guarantee usually, especially if I'm traveling. I'm already going to take a loss from not working. No amount of guarantee can make up for that. But I'm not going into debt as well, so I can be more metal!
Running around doing random shows is a waste of time, if you could stay home make some records that are going to reach more people. Then maybe it would be worth traveling and doing shows, you have to do both. You just have to be careful with what you commit to. I have to turn down shows every week. We just can't do them all, some just don't fit with other band and personal plans we might have. I like to take some vacation time NOT doing shows or work.
How do you see yourselves as a band in metal? Would you say that you feel a certain connection to bands like Incantation and Immolation, and Sadistic Intent, Blaspherian and Funebrarum?
I think we have potential to take this band to another level. It will take hard work, travel, making some more great records; improving our performances and recordings. We will always be an underground band. We have a connection to those bands because we have performed with, met and toured with these guys. We have finally carved our names into the scene, like the bands mentioned we continue to create the darkest most malevolent music we can come up with. The best is yet to come, as far as I'm concerned. The industry is evolving, and the fan base continues to expand worldwide.
What metal bands in the local scene in the Seattle do you think are making metal that is interesting to you?
Off the top of my head I'll name some bands I can think of. FUNERAL AGE, TREPANANTION, SLUT VOMIT/ WARP VOMIT, are a few. There are quite a few people and bands excited about underground death metal right now. Our local scene is a strong as ever with good turnouts to local shows.
Can you tell us what your plans for 2015 are? How was Famine Fest in Portland? My phone says that you will play a show at Highline with Antaeus. Anything else you would like us to know about Drawn and Quartered for 2015 and 2016?
2015 has been busy so far. I put together a little recording studio at home where we rehearse, and we have been writing and rehearsing as well as doing some shows. We've done a couple Seattle shows, the FAMINE FEST in Portland, Oregon was excellent. We have a show with UADA and INFERNUS in Portland on April 18th, in May we have a couple of slots at the MARYLAND DEATH FEST to play. In June we are headlining a festival in Bend, Oregon. We'll also start tracking for our next full-length CD as soon as we secure the deal/budget, and I stop booking shows for us for a bit so we can record. I hope to at least have completed the record this year; hopefully, it will also get a release date. After all that I hope to focus on some high profile festivals, and there has been a mention of a world tour that may eventually come to pass! I will be selling some new merchandise on our Facebook page for now until I can get some distribution again, or my own webstore, so stay in touch, everyone! THANKS! HAIL INFERNAL DARKNESS!!!!
Drawn And Quartered - Stabwound Invocation

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