Tuesday, March 3, 2015

the biggest posers are the band themselves

In metal music the biggest posers are the band themselves.
Metallica made a maximum effort to disqualify non-thrash bands from metal. As generally unpleasant people, they went around picking fights and calling other bands posers for not being thrash and not being heavy enough.
Ok, yes, but rap rock somehow is superior or better or whatever to traditional heavy metal, correct?
As anyone who has the "Garage Days" EP can see, the band in the 80s is flying high the flag of rap rock band Faith No More.
Slayer, "most evil and satanic" band in history is actually just a band with a Christian screaming lyrics about being evil.
Jesus saves, indeed.
This is the "thrash" band Machine Head in 2015. They look "very metal," correct?
They know to play the game of selling an image to metal fans.
This is Machine Head before.
This is Pantera. "Macho, tough, thug metal," thrash groove metal, correct?
But they don't want to talk about the past.
Then, there's Exodus. Listen to Gary tell you this story. Listen to the story. And think about it.
Affliction Rockstar Stories - "Get off our bus!" with Gary Holt
Exodus really did like Ratt, but their image did not allow them to say it in public. They were closet Ratt fans.
Who is the poser?

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