Tuesday, December 10, 2013

FREE MUSIC: Ghost Bath (China): for the post-black metal experimentalism spirit

Ghost Bath (China)
Ghost Bath oscillates between random-screaming shrieking/howling “black metal”-ish rage, on one hand. On the other, the music brings on the somber moments, the spitting image of a cave-recorded musical endeavor for a specialized public. Ghost Bath lets loose the melancholic post-rock, like some sort of more depressive version of The Smiths—angry but in a different, more subtle way. In these sounds, you will also find piano-sad music, perhaps, like depressive piano-heavy Elton John, Tori Amos, Bruce Hornsby, or Anathema, etc.).
Say what, now?!
Well, this:
It’s beautifully ugly lo-fi unstable somber angry. To the so-called average “person on the street” this sounds like absolute, hands-down garbage trash. Case in point, one song has lots of coughing. Yes, like when you have a cough. That coughing.
Yet, if when you read the first paragraph of this review, Ghost Bath peaks your interest, then it might mean that you are the audience that this music seeks.
To clarify, the description of the music is actually not meant to be funny or to be an insult, but is simply a poor attempt to reference the mix of sounds of Ghost Bath. You’d be surprised how emotional some of the piano parts are.
You never know, you might think that Ghost Bath is the worst thing you have heard all year. Ghost Bath could be a hoax, too: the identities are not known and they are from a place called “China,” or so they claim. This might be some high school kid in Nebraska, U.S. or Istanbul, Turkey. Could be my neighbor next door in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, where I am right now.
Be all that as it may, Ghost Bath has made this recording available for free at Bandcamp. It’s only four songs, but that just means that it’s easy to do repeated listens. If you like weird experimental cave post-black metal, then pack your bags, we’re going on a road trip to Ghost Bath. There will be some coughing involved.
(I don't know what this picture is or is supposed to be.)

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