Wednesday, March 27, 2013

reviews: Laster (Holland)

Laster (Holland): Wijsgeer & Narreman In this 3-song, 19-minute recording, Laster utilizes quintessential black metal riffing and screeching screaming black metal vocals, and attaches those riffs and vocals to a depressive-aggressive/progressive musical execution. It took me a long time to understand what Laster is all about. Once I got it, though, a lot of things became clearer. Laster is raw black metal, while at the same time the intention in the songs is communicated well: the overall atmosphere, the engulfing guitar work, the agonized vocal style, and the cold melody that shines through. It is the hope that those listeners into raw black metal that seek a greater creativity will have the motivation to explore the landscapes offered by Laster. Hear it a few times, come back to it later, it will definitely make sense.

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