Sunday, January 6, 2013

Warseid: Where Fate Lies Unbound --review--

Warseid  (U.S.): Where Fate Lies Unbound
Given that Warseid works with longer song structures, those who are appreciative of bands on the more brainy side of metal should find in Warseid several aspects to delve into. The progressive melodic dark symphonic metal found on “Where Fate Lies Unbound” presents a treat for the patient ear willing to find out what the musical journey entails. Sounding black metal at times, and folky at others, frequently melodic, with both harsh and clean vocals, Warseid has made an effort to produce something to be proud of, and it shows.
For example, “Farewell” is 11 minutes long, so there is a lot room to explore for the listener. It is not really the type of song that can be absorbed well with the first listen, of course. For this reason, it is true that Warseid requires a bit of a patient listener, and that patience is rewarded later, with repeated listens.
On the other hand, this is a 30-minute release, so the complete recording is a reasonable project to take on. Once you hear the quality of the sound and the songs, the thoughtful listener will no doubt find shades, tones and moods to come back to and hear again.
                  The sound is very clean, a bit too clean sometimes, especially with the drums. Nonetheless, Warseid is very much worth investigating. Keep watching this space for an interview that is coming up soon with the band.

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