Saturday, May 28, 2016

NEWS: Zealotry

The Last Witness
Lavadome Productions
Release: 22 April 2016
Dissonant death metal band Zealotry (Boston, USA) has been compared to Immolation, especially in the earlier stage of Zealotry's music. However, now with the new album, that comparison will probably not be as common, but it's not because there is a big change in sound. It is still dissonant death metal, it's very much death metal, with some finger-twisting chords, but it's not weird/experimental music. It's not simple music, but they are not trying to be too weird for the sake of being weird, either. The vocals are gruff and primal, the music often goes at a midtempo, meandering speed, and this is where the band digs down deep and just lets the dissonance take over. Overall, it is still necessary to say that the listener has to be patient because the songs are not immediate. The band itself readily tells you that they like Immolation, Anata, Voivod and Ulcerate, which means it is still left-field music, it's just that it is not jazzy emocore postrock sludge djent stuff. So, where is the band's niche? Well, why don't you listen for yourself at the link below where the complete album is available and see what you think?

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