Saturday, May 7, 2016

NEWS: Distruzione

Jolly Roger Records
release date: April 1st 2016
Distruzione is an extreme metal band with Italian lyrics. Their first recording is from 1992 and this album right here is actually from 1996, but Jolly Roger Records is doing the reissue. The band's style is thrash and death-influenced extreme metal. Here is some official information about the band and the album.
"Endogena" from Italian thrash-death band Distruzione will be available from 1st April 2016 on Cd, Lp, Digital formats on Jolly Roger Records. Originally released in 1996 only on Cd and distribuited by (at the time) major Polygram and impossible to find nowadays, emerged from underground scene confirming good impressions of debut "Olocausto Cerebrale", thanks to a furious and impact sound produced by Omar Pedrini (Timoria) and supported by italian lyrics, trade-mark of the band since the beginning. Earth-shaking and destructive, with fast tempos and solos alternated with slower and evocative parts, surrounded by lyrics about madness, death and darkness that make "Endogena" a catacombal album, primoridal in its violence. Absolutely a cult album for all thrash-death maniacs consecrated Distruzione as one of the best extreme underground bands of '90s. Completely remastered and available again on Cd and for the very first time on Lp (first 100 copies coloured vinyl).
Distruzione was born in Parma in February of 1990 and choose to express themselves immediately through a musical proposal of extreme metal with lyrics in Italian. In 1992 they are produced by the TCP and can thus record their first mini-LP entitled "Olocausto Cerebrale" that is positively reviewed by the main specialized publications (Rockerilla, Flash, HM, Metal Shock, Italian fanzines and European and some major newspapers). The album is distributed in Italy by Venus and in a few months sold over a thousand copies. In April 1995 the band sign a management contract to OMAR GRU SOUND DIVISION Omar Pedrini (guitarist of Fear) and one record with TARGET. In early June of 1996 he released the debut-CD entitled "ENDOGENA", recorded and mixed at Edison Studios in Parma and mastered at Studio Profile of Milan by Antonio Baglio. The CD is distributed by POLYGRAM Italy. The band then perform in many Italian cities promoting their CD. They play along with Pitfall, play for Rock FM to Factory of Milan and participating in Metal Explosion.
In July 2000 they signed a recording contract with Milan the SELF which produces "Pianeta dissolvenza" recorded and mixed at Frozen Sound Studio in Parma and mastered at Massive Arts of Milan by Alberto Cutolo. The CD is distributed throughout Italy by SELF. In October also the "Dissolvenza Tour" which brings the band to present their latest work in several Italian cities. Participating in various radio and television programs, also their video "Pianeta Dissolvenza" is transmitted from RockTV and Match Music. In 2004, record and mix the Frozen Sound Studio in Parma their latest work "MALICIDIUM". CD collaborates Enomis (guitarist of Dark Lunacy). The CD contains the video for "Pianeta Dissolvenza" from the album earlier, multimedia material. The CD comes out in early October 2005 for the label FUEL Records and is distributed in Italy by SELF.
In July 2011, after six years of silence, the band is back on stage with two new members: guitar Gianluca De Lillo and Dave Colombo battery. In June 2015, published by Jolly Roger Records, released the new and devastating album "Distruzione".

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