Thursday, December 19, 2013

FREE: glorious metal for the glory of power metal: Adaia (Colombia)

FREE: glorious metal for the glory of power metal: Adaia (Colombia)
You want real singing in heavy metal way with high vocals that go "iiiiiiiigggh" and "eeeeeeeeiiiiii"?!
Adaia is traditional power metal with speed and melody and they have songs for free for you to download today. Adaia is great success for singing, for guitar work, for drummering and the bass that brings your life.
You like headbanging and power metal sing along songs?! Adaia is for youuuuuuuuu!!
Wait that is not all. Adaia sings in Spanish. Do you know what that means? Power metal is more glorious, more touch the sky singing, more high singing passion and more.... everything!!
OK, you chant along now: Adaia, Adaia, Adaia!! Power metallllll!
Don't forget to send greetings to Colombia, too. After all, friend, Adaia is giving you free music.
Let's learn a bit of that Spanish with Adaia now:
Also on their Facebook page it has a link that says you can download the complete album for free. Just go to the Facebook and see the most recent post with the word: "descarga gratuita" which is Spanish for "free download." Try and see if it works for you.

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