Sunday, January 20, 2013

Circle II Circle (U.S.): Seasons Will Fall (earMUSIC)

Circle II Circle (U.S.): Seasons Will Fall  (earMUSIC)
I did not like this album at first, and I wrote a review draft:
“Circle II Circle lacks not talent nor quality production. What I do not like is the absence of the metal fire. They’re an able bunch, with the former Savatage vocalist Zak Stevens. For me, what doesn’t work is the laid-back, elevator metal. The drummer (drum machine?) sounds like he plays these songs with one hand, and eats a sandwich at the same time with his other hand. The pace is just slow and midtempo.”
Then, I changed my mind. I adjusted to the slower pace after several listens. Therefore, if you listen to a lot of fast metal, just remember to switch your brain to a slower mode. The album is mellow, in the style of contemporary adult metal, and offends no one at the office (or at church). This is a bunch of middle-aged metal dudes that sound like a metal version of Journey, Matchbox 20, Boston, Heart or Rush.
Great, wonderful, excellent music, and not only for the suit-and-tie, office-worker and parent-with-three-children in you; and if you are below 25 years of age, just be patient and give it time.
I feel so “grown up.” I actually listened to this enough times to understand it. Am I an adult now? I gotta go listen to Nominon now.

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