Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Ghostblood has an announcement: Honey, I Raised the Dead

Honey, I Raised the Dead
Release date: April 20th, 2018
label: independent
What an achievement. Raising the dead is not easy. Believe you me, I have tried to do it repeatedly and I have succeeded, at most, only a few times. In the prehistory, history, posthistory, and mythology of humanity there are but a couple of entities that actually done it on a consistent basis, night in, night out. Raising the dead is just hard; there’s no way around it. It is what it is. In fact, if you are looking for a how-to manual, you’ll be hard pressed to find it. On the other hand, Lazarus would be able to give you all the information about his case. Check in with him for sure.
It is what is. Leave it to our very own Washington state mutant cannibal thrashers Ghostblood, who have returned with their classic line-up by popular demand, to turn the tables on the living and open a can of whooping on the dead. I think that when you hear this album you will forcefully agree with me that the dead messed up big time when they died because the party is about to begin and they left too early, right when things were about to get good. Never leave a party too early, dead people.
Summer time is here, the ice cream man is here, stop him when he passing by, and fire up the barbecue grill, the drinks are cold, the dead are bold, stories are going to be told and there is a new Ghostblood album to behold. They have retained the services of the three amigos responsible for the swamp thrash of the 2015 debut Blood from Beyond the Grave, a party favorite every time. Continuing right from where they left off, they have ratcheted it up the intensity, going crazy between thrash and death metal, and they are churning out the sounds perfect for all the seasons, from Halloween parties to horror movie chase scenes to mosh pits and more, like Gwar, Ghoul, Motorhead, Freddy Krueger and Mr. Jack Daniels coming together for a summertime barbecue party in a basement or car trunk near you.
Ghostblood features fast rumbling songs with growled vocals (and a variety of screams, and a few other different vocalizations, like some low, guttural growling) with some moments of blasting. The band’s vocalist/bassist plays the bass like a guitar and you can never, ever say that you do not hear the bass on this album. The bassist is without a doubt the best bass player in the entire band of Ghostblood. Put together the thundering bass with the manic drumming and the vibe is mosh, mosh, mosh and bang your head whether you are the purgatory and alive and dead. Besides twisted riffs of horror and merriment, the solos go from wild to wacky to wtf to fun in the sun run nun.
Here we are, friends. What started out as swamp thrash is turning into quite the band. Two albums now, and playing shows all over Seattle, Olympia, Bellingham (but not yet in Arlington, what is up with that?), you cannot ignore the zombie thrash union of extreme metal, horror and comedy that this band is heating up in the cemetery bar for the day and the nighttime.
Visit Seattle for the weather, stay for the Ghostblood. As the band likes to say when they are on the stage, “We are Ghostblood and we play rock and roll.” (This last statement is not verifiable.)

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