Thursday, October 5, 2017

you got it, friend, the name of this band is LARGE MARGE, and you're going to love them, and their drum machine!

Extravaganza! This band is, according to the band, the greatest band ever. Truck Stop Hauntings is their new work of pure classical poetry. That's 24 songs about every important issue that plagues humanity right now. For instance, they have a song called "Going through the Motions" and it is a perfect example of everything about everyone that's correct or incorrect about accurate or inaccurate issues right now, or later. They have another masterpiece called "Pastor Ron's Movie Time," which is a very special time in the life of your cousin named Ron, Ronnie, Ronny, Runny, Rooney, Roland or Pat. LARGE MARGE, friend, that's the band. Expect a luscious sound of majestic keyboards, indescribably beautiful singing and thoughtful guitar solos for all those deep, deep emotions that you feel inside you, and that you know no one else feels.
Or, forget all that stuff, and just listen to some grind. One, two, three, done. Extravaganza! Washington!

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