Thursday, October 5, 2017

this brutal death metal Gutslit from India

Fans of brutal death metal check in on this band Gutslit. They're going to give it to you straight: brutal extreme metal blasting all over and lots of headbanging and moshing riffs. It's heavy and it's ugly, just the way that the people demand it. The recording won't take long to convince you, either. Go to the first link below and hear some of the songs.
Transcending Obscurity India
release: 15 October 2017
1.Amputheatre 01:12
2.Brazen Bull 03:05
3.From One Ear to Another 03:23
4.Necktie Party 03:12
5.Blood Eagle 03:32
6.Brodequin 02:45
7.Maraschino Eyeballs 03:11
8.Scaphism 02:42
9.Death Hammer 05:38
total time 28:40
OFFICIAL: Indian brutal death metal legends return with their highly awaited new album titled ‘Amputheatre’. It’s a quantum leap ahead in terms of songwriting when compared to their 2013 debut ‘Skewered in the Sewer’. GUTSLIT have improved phenomenally and honed their skills in the company of the new vocalist Kaushal LS of GODLESS. Their trademark brutality now sees development with the incorporation of grind influences, and their music couldn’t be better balanced and memorable. This makes them stand head and shoulders above from the sea of brutal death metal bands out there, and with a massive European tour lined up this year, GUTSLIT sure won’t make it easy to forget their masterpiece.

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