Monday, October 2, 2017

the extreme metal of Обрій (Ukraine)

Обрій (Obrij) is the Ukrainian word for Horizon, and Обрій plays an uptempo form of extreme metal. The band wants the fans to join them with the music. It's not too fast and they add of a bit of melody to the groove, making the music rather accessible and easy to understand. Not I know for a fact, but it seems like they have in mind a more traditional sound that metal fans can recognize. The band says that Bolt Thrower is an influence, so that tells you a bit that they want the music to have energy that can communicate on a common level, without focusing too much on any particular subgenre. Listen to the recording at the first link below.--MMB
Обрії - Олтар Утопії ЕР (Obrij - Altar of Utopia ЕР) 2016
1. Весь Світ Перед Нами (The whole world is before us)
2. Поля Камбоджі (Fields of Cambodia)
3. Доторкнутися До Зірок (Touch To The Stars)
4. Відголоски Великої Битви (Echoes of the Great Battle)
OFFICIAL: ОБРІЙ (OBRIJ - ukr. HORIZON) was formed back in 2013 in Uzhhorod, Ukraine. The band members take part in such bands as THE SYMBIOZ, SKRUTA, DISPLEASE and SOULREST. The sound of OBRIJ is influenced by European death metal bands like BOLT THROWER, MORGOTH, ASPHYX, MANGLED TORSOS, GOREFEST e.t.c. So far the band has played several shows in Ukraine, had some line-up changes and recorded a 4 track EP which was released at the end of 2016.

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