Tuesday, October 11, 2016

the end of Junkyard Lipstick

Hi Friends, Fans & Metal Family
It is with great sadness that after having the privilege of forming this band, I find myself in the position to announce the disbandment of Junkyard Lipstick after more than 5 years.
General life priorities have changed for members currently in the band. Studies, work and other responsibilities have made it difficult to maintain the momentum.
I hold my time with Junkyard Lipstick with the utmost respect and sincerest appreciation. This band has been a huge part of my life and I couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished. I am deeply moved by the relationships we created and maintained throughout this journey, and grateful for the hard work each band member has put into making this band what it is.
This has been an emotional time for myself and the girls, especially so soon after the release of our latest album "Repulsive Judgement". In light of this to recover recording costs, I will be selling the remaining CD's and t-shirts at a reduced price, please get in touch with me.
I also kindly ask that you respect and give each member their space to deal with this in their own way. Thanks to each person that has ever loved our music, supported our dreams and helped to make the music happen.
(Drummer & Founding Member)
Junkyard Lipstick formed in Cape Town early 2011 as a punk group. Over the years they have evolved into a metal band. They have been playing the local club circuit & numerous local festivals during this time.
Persisting through line-up changes, they continue their onslaught as a five piece all female thrash metal band. They aim to write heavier and faster material, concentrating on topics such as politics, social issues and gore delivered with a feminine touch.
Junkyard Lipstick always aim to push themselves to new heights musically. With every change, they have evolved into a well-rounded thrash metal band.
- "Hellbent" Debut Album - March 2013
- "The Butcher's Delight" EP - March 2014
- "Damned in the Deep South" Single – Jan 2015
- "Trafficked & Tortured" Single - Jan 2016

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