Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Seattle's Isenordal news

Seattle extreme metal band Isenordal has announced that they are from the dusts of oblivion returned. Go unto yourself's metal reiteration at the links below. Their music is free/name-your-price, thus the excuses just ran out out right now.
After a year long hiatus, we are happy to announce that Isenordal is an active band once again. Our line up has changed, we are now: Kerry Hall, Boone Sinsel, Marisa Kaye Janke, Sam Smallidge, Brian Hazard Spenser, and Jeff King.
We will be playing our first show with the new lineup on Oct 26th with UADA, HELLEBORUS, and Pagan Scum at the Highline Bar. We will be releasing an LP early next year, and touring the US after its release.

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