Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hexengeist (Seattle)

Some time ago I noticed the name Hexengeist somewhere, probably on a show flyer or a concert calendar listing and I thought that this could be a metal band, but I could not find any music to hear at that time.
Now the Hexengeist metal has arrived in the form of their first demo, and it rocks! Thrash and heavy metal, heavy metal and thrash, that’s the story. The songs are tailored the specifications of riffs galore, an abundance of solos, more drumming for the strumming, and setting free the fury of the beast on the vocals. You won’t need a bunch of listens to understand this music, which is great because I don’t have time to waste on bands’ abstract expressionist pseudo intellectual ambient woobly wazoobly postrock. Give me the metal or get out of my way!
Hexengeist is a great listen and it’s a fun listen. I am very pleased with the demo and the songs are in my head after the music stops playing.
This Friday, October 21st Hexengeist will be playing in Seattle at the Victory Lounge and they will be bringing along the diehards of Skelator’s “poseur-killing” true metal, in addition to the “mutant cannibal ghost” swamp thrash of Ghostblood.
I hope to be there to witness it all!
by MMB

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