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Stane is death metal from Botswana. Below you will find official information about the band and a link where you can hear the music for yourself.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Stane was born in mid 2005 and staged its first ever show in Nosey Road club, Lobatse in Oct 2005, along Stealth. They then staged with Metal Orizon, Wrust and Vitrified in December the same year. The band started playing as a four (4) piece band (Slayar, T’X, Ace and Stranjar), without E-Force, who was engaged by duties in UK since 2004. But from its formation (around 2003), E-Force has been one of the founding members of the band.
Throughout the years, STANE has played alongside a number of local bands (Metal Orizon, Crackdust, Nosey Road, Wrust, Vitrified, Nodd, Stealth, Skinflint, Overthrust, Dust ‘N Fire, Remuda, Evergreen, etc) and a few exotic bands [Rhutz (now Boargazm), Architecture Of Aggression, Jaggernaught, Far Beyond Driven].
The return of E-Force from the UK in 2008 has boosted the soloing part of the band and has made the band even tighter. In 2009, STANE recorded their first demo album of five (5) tracks, titled Maintainers Of Brutality. In October 2010, STANE recorded a live gig video called ‘Last Breath Madness Metal Festival’. The DVD based on this recording was then released in March 2011, titled ‘STANE – Live at GCC’.
STANE went through a restructuring exercise in mid 2011 and this saw the band remain as a four-piece band, downgrading from five-piece. In 2012 the band focused in writing and composing more material and ultimately started recording their 11 track album, titled ‘Human Error’. In 2012 the band appeared only once, in December.
The hibernation in 2012 gave birth to release of an eleven tracks album titled ‘Human Error’ in 2013, which was officially launched on 30th March 2013 alongside other local bands.
2013 saw STANE actively playing all major annual gigs like Last Breath, Augustus, Rockcember, Woodstock Maun to promote the Human Error album.
2013 also saw the coming of new drummer "Cool" in replacement of "Ace", who has since joined the management team. Cool was officially launched at Augustus gig in Aug 2013. The motherf**er fited like a glove into the Stane family. 2014 started with free gig on 1st Feb at Trekker's (Gabs) to welcome the year. It's now hibernation time for half a year!!! Shshshshshhh!!

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