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Rock Goddess

Rock Goddess is a New Wave of British Heavy Metal band that was active in the 1980s. They are now back together and have been playing shows. In order to present more about the band, you will find below information that has been compiled by various sources, such as Wikipedia, Blabbermouth, Metal Maidens and Metaladies. Some of the information overlaps, so it's not clear which is the original source. At any rate, if you like the NWOBHM and you have never heard Rock Goddess, a great place to start is the self-titled album from 1983.
“The band was formed in Wandsworth, South London in 1977, by sisters Jody Turner (guitar and vocals) and Julie Turner (drums) when they were thirteen and nine years old respectively. They recruited school friend Tracey Lamb on bass guitar and that completed their first line-up. Later Donnica Colman joined, adding a second guitar, and after her departure, Jackie Apperley replaced her, also on a second guitar. After Apperley left the band rehearsed intensively as a trio, and placed a track on a sampler album, which circulated in the London music underground. Meanwhile, manager John Turner, Jody and Julie's father, who had a music shop and rehearsal rooms, used his musical connections to get the band their first gigs. Finally, after an appearance at the Reading Festival in 1982, the band obtained a recording contract with A&M.
They released their eponymous debut album with producer Vic Maile in 1983, and at that time there were temporary legal problems - Julie Turner was still a minor attending school and she was restricted in the number of live shows she could play. Also in this period, Kat Burbella briefly joined the band as a second guitarist, and Tracey Lamb became disgruntled and quit the band, initially forming the band She with Burbella, but then joining Girlschool in 1987. She was replaced by Dee O'Malley, who played the bass guitar and keyboards on the band's second album, Hell Hath No Fury, produced by Chris Tsangarides that was released in 1984. The band co-headlined with Y&T, supported Iron Maiden and Def Leppard on UK and European tours and embarked on their own headlining tours. O'Malley announced her pregnancy just before Rock Goddess' first US tour and left the band, and Rock Goddess left A&M records with their third album unfinished and unreleased. She was replaced by Julia Longman on bass and Becky Axten on keyboards.
A fourth album was released only in France, with the title Young and Free, however, due to insurmountable problems Rock Goddess disbanded shortly thereafter. In 1988, the Turner sisters reappeared as The Jody Turner Band with two male musicians, but they did not go beyond the local club circuit. Jody Turner fronted a new line-up of Rock Goddess in 1994, but after a name change to Braindance, the group disbanded again in 1995, after playing their last gig at the Thomas O'Becket public house.
The band reformed in 2009 to play the Hard Rock Hell music festival in Prestatyn, Wales, but were forced to split before they had a chance to perform.
In March 2013, it was announced that the original line-up of Jody Turner, Julie Turner, and Tracey Lamb had reformed and would start recording a new album. The three of them are now in the process of recording a new album tentatively titled Unfinished Business.” [Wikipedia]
discography at Metal Archives
Heavy Metal Rock 'n' Roll single 1982
My Angel EP 1983
Rock Goddess full-length 1983
Hell Hath No Fury full-length 1983
I Didn't Know I Loved You single 1984
Metal Fusion split 1984
Love Has Passed Me By single 1986
Young & Free full-length 1987
Anthology compilation 2007

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