Sunday, July 10, 2016

NEWS: Vibrion

Release date: March 21st, 2016
Label: Xtreem Music
At the link below is the band's complete album available for listening. They are a death metal band that started in Argentina and now the band is based in Belgium. Below you will also find the official information and hyperbolic hype.
OFFICIAL: Argentinian legends Vibrion, who've been around since the early '90s and have singlehandedly put their country on the map for metal, are back with a new full length album. And it's every bit worth the wait. With better songwriting and a never-say-die approach, they've come up with a set of 10 songs that are as relevant as they can get. Not just that, they're actually pushing the sound forward the way some of the old school legends forgot how to do. Bands like Morgoth, Death, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Malevolent Creation and Pestilence would be proud to have been instrumental in some way in forging the sound that Vibrion peddle in. Each song is pulsating with a unique riff pattern, and with vocals that are as vile as ever, it gives the music a new, exciting dimension, something that the newer bands lacking imagination and power fail to do. 'Bacterya' is one of the most potent albums to come from a band over two decades old that have outlasted all trends and perceptions. It's an album setting new standards and opening up possibilities for that old school sound to evolve, without diminishing any of the raw, unbridled appeal.
OFFICIAL: Emerged back in '89 under the monicker of Chacal, they later changed into Vibrion in 1992. On that year, they infected the international underground scene with their first demo album "Erradicated Life" positioning them as a cult act worldwide, soon after released on EP by the swiss label Witchhunt Records and with two songs featured on 1994 Nuclear Blast's "Grindcore" compilation. Followed by their first full-length album "Diseased" (1995) , full-length album "Closed Frontiers" (1997- recorded at the famous Sunlight Studios, Sweden and produced by Tomas Skogsberg) and "Instinct" EP (2002) the band developed an unique style combining the most violent death-grind attacks, which come unexpected after their slow bending and "tango-ish" riffs, all combined with their trademark double blast technique which they named "Cuatrijera". In 2015 Vibrion just finished the recording of their long awaited new album "Bacterya".
Vibrion touring: During their first years, Vibrion started playing many gigs in Buenos Aires and surroundings, later in the whole Argentina as well as in Uruguay and Bolivia. In April of the same year, their most important gig was played supporting Kreator in front of 2500 people. In '94 and '95, the band did European tours in Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Holland, Finland and Switzerland. After a long hiatus, the band re-formed in Belgium in 2013 and with two new members. Disembodied Records released the full remastered discography and took Vibrion on a 10 dates Argentinian Tour, followed by some dates in Belgium and a performing at Extremefest (Hunxe, Germany).
Bacterya: Bacterya was recorded in September 2015 at Blackout Studios, Brussels, Belgium. Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studios, Borgentreich, Germany. It has been released in Argentina by Disembodied Records and in the rest of the world by Xtreem Music. Today based in Belgium, the unfrozen evil is back again, and a new plague will be unleashed.

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