Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NEWS: Heathen Beast

Heathen Beast (India)
Rise of the Saffron Empire
Release Date - April 25th, 2016
Transcending Obscurity Distribution
It appears that Heathen Beast has reached the end. If you have never heard them, below is a link to hear the last material from the extreme metal band. The band is over, the music is not.
OFFICIAL: The time has come for the band to call it a day. Heathen Beast are perhaps the only band from the country playing black metal and employing Indian classical/traditional/folk instruments despite an acerbic content. 'Carvaka Samkhya', the only point of contact, has ended the band under mysterious circumstances and all evidence of their anti-racist government stance has been removed. Whether they have been threatened by unlawful elements is unknown but is a strong probability. The band would want the music to remain alive and here's a last chance at reaching out, hoping that their unique music is heard far and wide.
Heathen Beast, India's leading black metal band, return with yet another scandalous EP containing their strongest material thus far. Delving into the current political scenario in the country, especially the extremist ring-wing agenda of 'Hindutva', this band comprising of anonymous members, feel the need to express themselves using the vicious power of black metal. Traditional instruments are once again employed to give it the topical flavour, from 'Tabla' (Indian drums) and 'Sitar' (Indian stringed instrument) to 'Carnatic violin' (Indian classical instrument) and 'Shankh' (Conch), and the music is charged with a vibe that can be called hair-raising. This is the boldest effort from the whole region, bar none. Heathen Beast may have outdone themselves here, and also put their band members in even more danger with this release. A specially commissioned artwork from legendary US artist Mark Riddick has been made to cover the original band-provided artwork of this release with a slipcase packaging. The original content however remains untouched underneath.
Pseudomyns for reference sake -
Carvaka - Vocals/Guitars
Samkhya - Bass
Mimamsa - Drums
Heathen Beast believes in no god and no religion. We write about the world and it's religion as we see it, we write about how it encompass and controls the masses in our country India. Our music symbolizes self belief and the fact that we choose our own path and make our own destiny. There is no God that writes your life and not everything that is bad in this world is a consequence of that karma. You are responsible. Heathen Beast plays a form of brutal metal to connect with those who think like we do. The Heathen Beast Shall Be Unleashed Upon Thee.
Heathen Beast is the formation of three. Carvaka who believes religion was invented and made up by men, having no divine authority. Samkhya who denies the existence of God. Mimamsa who rejects the notion of God and says that human action itself is enough to create the necessary circumstances for the enjoyment of its fruits.

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