Monday, July 4, 2016

NEWS: Angarthal

Uranus And Gaia
release date: April 29, 2016
label: Bakerteam Records
Below you will find information about the traditional prog/virtuoso album by Angarthal. The album focuses on the quality of the music and will especially appeal to the audiences that appreciate serious guitar work and prog/intellectual metal music.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Angarthal is the new metal project by guitar virtuoso Steve Angarthal (Fire Trails, Dragon’s Cave). Featuring Luca Saja (Dragon’s Cave) on drums and guests drummer Sergio Pescara (Groovydo), Angelo Perini (early bass player of Fire Trails) on bass and keyboardist Mauri Belluzzo (Alchemy Divine), the band's debut album 'Uranus And Gaia' perfectly mixes epic metal melodies and progressive structures, flamboyant guitar parts and a strong Seventies Hard Rock feeling, with Steve taking on multiple roles as main composer and singer along with guitar duties.
The album takes the listener on an epic journey through Greek mythology ('Sailing At The End Of The World', 'Uranus And Gaia') and Celtic mythology ('Morrigan', 'Holy Grail'), biblical symbolism ('Leviathan Rising' and 'Miles In The Desert'), and fantasy literature ('Wielders Of Magic' and 'The Abyss Of Death' are inspired by the novel 'The Sword Of Shannara'), including a tribute to Ronnie James Dio ('Unbroken'), classic metal tunes ('Punch', 'A Lie' and 'After The Rain') and a beautiful acoustic ballad ('Losing My Direction').
Steve's musical influences come from Rock and Metal but also Classical Music and with this project he can finally combine powerful tunes and an addictive rhythm section with orchestral arrangements.
OFFICIAL BIO: The guitar player and songwriter for italian metal band Fire Trails is on his first solo project since 2010, where he writes music and lyrics, plays the guitar and has also taken the singer role; he is also present as guest musician in Rezophonic’s live shows and recordings. In 2010 indipendent label Asgardh Music has released Dragon’s cave (This is the early name of Steve solo project) first cd called "Elektro motion" and sold it through Cdbaby and all digital stores. This work features a long selection of tracks focused on Steve guitar style ranging from progressive rock instrumentals to ethereal acoustical pieces and amazing rock songs that showcase Steve singing style. His previous experience with Fire Trails, founded with Italian rock icon Pino Scotto, saw Steve releasing two albums "Vanadium tribute" (Underground Symphony Records) and "Third moon" (Valery Records). The touring activity for this band lead him to play all around Italy in the most important events such as "Gods of metal", "Heineken Jammin festival", "Agglutination metal festival" and supporting the shows of artists like Deep Purple, R.J.Dio, Iron Maiden, Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner.
His mastery is supported by a long and varied educational path. He started studying classical guitar with M° Marco Biassoni then he qualified, under the guidance of M° Filippo Daccò, in Composition and arrangement for big band ; studied Jazz Rock guitar with Shaun Baxter. He is self taught in classical orchestra writing and arranging and his collaboration with violinist M° Mauro Catalano brought to the foundation of Cordis ensemble, a baroque orchestra featuring Steve on the electric guitar as solo instrument. In 2014 London College of Music of the University of West London awards Steve with the title FLCM (7th level of EQF) in Electric Guitar Performance.
Teaching is another key point in Steve’s activities: from 1997 to 2001 he’s part of teacher’s roster at Milan’s SAE (school of audio engineering) where he shared his previous experiences as sound engineer and programmer. From 2006 he is guitar teacher at "Il borgo della musica" and guitar, musical theory and live music classroom teacher at "Rock tv school." He’s been also present in different studio recordings of italian artists like Rezophonic, Myland, Pino Scotto and MC project. In summer of 2013 he starts two exciting new projects: Nothing easy and Le Tentazioni Di Alice. The former is an acoustical duo with keyboardist Mauri Belluzzo (Alchemy Divine) playing rock songs from 70's and 80's, while the latter is a modern rock trio featuring Hermes Locatelli ( Rad1) on bass and Federico Paulovich (Destrage) on drums. From the summer of 2014 He is busy with the final production stage of his upcoming album due to be released in early 2015.
Steve Angarthal endorses Loud guitars by Molinelli since 2000 and Reference Laboratory cables since 2011. He’s also product specialist for Reference Laboratory products and their associated brands Bricasti, Audix, Source Audio and Morpheus in important events such as Second hand guitars 2011, Frankfurt Musik Messe 2012, Dubai Palme 2012 and L.A. NAMM 2013. In 2015 Steve begins his partnership with italian brnads Mezzabarba Custom Amplification and Masotti Guitar Devices.

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