Thursday, July 7, 2016

interview: Maze of Terror

Maze of Terror has a new work called Ready to Kill. They have a couple of EPs that were published before this album, but now it’s ten songs of the intense, fast thrash that they call their mission in life. Built upon tight riffing /drumming and snarling vocals, the album brings together the sound of these Peruvian thrashers. Below is an interview with Maze of Terror.
Greetings! Please introduce the band and yourself, too.
Thanks to you, blood brothers, we are Maze of Terror, we are from the big city of Lima, Peru, our metal scene is small, but we have really good bands, our life is produce and compose more music than possible, my name is Leviathan, bass and voice in the band, we are really grateful for your space, god bless you!
What is the history of your band?
We start in 2011 and launch in 2012 our first Ep Skullcrusher, later we make an tour in Bolivia open for Whiplash, later we make different shows open for Destruction, Exumer, etc, later make and other tour open for Mx and Toxik, and reissue the Ep in split mode, with the Greek band Amken under the Mexican label EBM, in 2016 we launch finally our debut album called, READY TO KILL in CD, vinyl under the Belgian label, EMPIRE RECORDS, now in tape under the label P18 from Hungary. Now we are prepared for the next show, and making some new materials, we keep in secret this for the moment, buddies.
How would you describe your music?
Only we have to say, our inspiration is anger, rage, fury, our style is completely dedicated to the brutality, we play thrash metal, but we use death metal to make our noise more savage, in a serious way, like old cult bands in the South American scene, but in our own way, more brutal is more good for us!
What inspired you in the first place to pick up instruments and to make metal music?
The idea to make our own brutal music, we are people dedicated to metal, in the tradition but innovation, too. We seek the most badass mode to launch songs to make people travel across is rage emotions, and his bravery.
What can people do to support your music?
First, listen, listen all our noise, and finally if you think that is for you, buy our albums, because we are really dedicated to make great music.
Do you plan to tour?
Our next show is here open for the band Decapitated. We have plans in the kitchen, but we keep this in secret because we like announce this things when we are close everything to happen, when this happen I personally write you, war brother.
What is the function of money for your dedication to metal?
I have a job, I don’t need more money to live, but I try to find money to make more music, because is not cheap, but we keep on this because we believe the metal music deserves keep alive, we believe the music is the greatest thing of all, and with money or without it, we believe and we would make the effort to keep the wheel on the way.
What type of lyrics do you think work well with your music?
We wrote about different topics, about hunger, pandemic, but in a realistic and serious way, not funny or similar stuff, for example histories of assassins in the ancient times, war crimes, racism, hunger misery, because we live in a real world and we try to make a serious message to people think about it, music is a serious thing, especially in metal music.
What other news do you have?
We are in recordings, and preparing new shows, we are close to finish both things, but keep in secret for the moment we need to tell to all the guys, listen the newest bands, have so many great bands in the new scene. Thank you to all, and keep brutal, of course listen MAZE OF TERROR we are READY TO KILL.

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