Sunday, October 25, 2015

Walter Berterame

Walter Berterame
"Walter is a solo guitarists Berterame nationality Argentina that after participating in the Arthois band (playing in a metal holder and being all Forks, Jeriko, Lörihen and shrapnel etc.) decides to begin his solo career.
In June 2013 he released his first instrumental EP of 5 songs which influences ranging from classic to Neo Metal melodic, through blues, funk, hard rock and experimental stand.
Throughout 2013 and until the end of 2014 presented his EP in more than 20 places in Buenos Aires and Capital Federal Zamarbide sharing the stage with Alberto, Pablo Soler and Carina Alfie among many other important bands of Under. With an excellent reception from the public, Walter had a lot of radio shows and invitations to charity events in addition to the live shows.
Currently this virtuoso guitarist is close to releasing their first official album "Forza Nova", due out in late April 2015, with guests like the recognized guitarists Pablo Soler and Carina Alfie. This presentation was made in one of the most important shows of Walter in his career next to guitar god Yngwie Malmsteen on April 24 at the Teatro Flores." (Facebook)
"Forza Nova" by Walter Berterame
Release date: April 2015
1.Forza Nova 04:54 instrumental
2.Black Jack Night 03:50 instrumental
3.Celestial 04:27 instrumental
4.Gods of Olympus 04:58 instrumental
5.Burning Riders 03:38 instrumental
6.Dreams Come True 04:48 instrumental
7.Osiris 02:48 instrumental
8.Dancing Butterfly 02:13 instrumental
9.Speed in My DNA 05:11 instrumental
10.Magnificum Partita 01:54 instrumental
total time 38:41
Walter Berterame - Speed in my DNA (Tema)
Walter Berterame - Osiris (Tema)

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