Saturday, October 31, 2015

news & updates: Otargos

Xeno Kaos
Kaotoxin Records
release: 13 November 2015
Here we go again with the malevolence of Otargos and its new album. The album is new to Metal Bulletin Zine because it was received just recently, so it’s difficult to say where this new work will stand in relation to the previous titles. One thing is for sure: the band continues to push its modern extreme metal. In fact, you might say that Otargos is France’s answer to Poland’s Behemoth and to Austria’s Belphegor and Germany’s Negator. This is the band’s sixth album and by now they are experts at what they want: the best possible modern sound of extreme metal. The band blasts as fast as possible, but they are skilled at slowing things down for moments of real heaviness, like people associate with sludge, but here the slow segments do not last too long as the band keeps its extreme metal close to heart always. It seems that the band has added a bit more melody. As a result, while still cold, dark and modern, there is enough melody to suggest that the band is adding new elements with each passing album, though nothing super drastic. In other words, modern extreme metal very much rules the day for Otargos, the same as it ever has. That’s exactly what their supporters expect. That’s exactly what they will get again: consistent, reliable, Otargos.

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