Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lust of a Dying Breed

by MMB
Lust of a Dying Breed
This is a new band for me. I have not been able to find much information about this band from Kenya. I can tell you that they have the following songs on ReverbNation:
1.Divine Design
5.Cat Of Nine Tails
I will give my opinion about the music in a minute, but before doing so, I’d like for you to see the bio as it is given on ReverbNation:
“The Lust of a Dying Breed concept came about in June of 2010, with Vocalist Martin Kanja and Bassist Timothy Opiko deciding to make the idea a reality. Over the span of a year, the band grew in number and in talent with the acquisition of Drummer Larry Kim, Lead guitar player, Samuel Kiranga and Rhythm guitar player, Khalid Issa.
All band members listen to varying genres of metal, from death metal/death core to technical deathcore to metal core to thrash metal; all over the damn place. So there's no particular limit to how creative the music making process can get and we don't limit ourselves to any particular genre.
Currently the band is in studio, recording it's first album which is to be released later in the year 2012. The band has also played in a number of small shows but most significantly was the 2011 Nairobi Rockfest as one of 5 acts.”
On Facebook the band calls itself death metal, and they certainly have an affinity for the sounds of modern growling, downtuned metal. Perhaps we could say that the band works with death metal, melodic growl metal and deathcore.
The deathcore elements are not dominant, and that’s good. I hope that they continue exploring the heavier sound, in the style of metal music, and get further away from hardcore.
I know very little about metal music from Kenya. I am familiar with music from modern death metallers Absence of Light, also some from Mortal Soul, and from In Oath. However, I don’t have a good grasp of the metal scene in the country. From what I have read, the bands are all young and are finding their way. It seems like they are going into uncharted territory in terms of music in Kenya.
It is positive to hear Lust of a Dying Breed make it this far. Here’s hoping they keeping going and get more metal in the process.
Check out their music.

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