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Horcas is a band from Argentina. Learn more below.
"In 1988 Osvaldo Civile, guitarist of the legendary Argentine heavy metal band V8, founded HORCAS. After leaving V8 in 1985, and impressed by the new generation of thrash metal bands originating in the West Coast of the United States, led by Metallica, Osvaldo decided to form a new group to continue that line. The original project, which included his fellow V8, Gustavo Rowek on drums, was delayed for a number of reasons, and it was not until 1988 that he could finally see the light. At this point and already discouraged by the constant delays, Gustavo Rowek had decided to accept the offer of another former V8, Walter Giardino, to join his new project Rata Blanca.
The first version of HORCAS had in his training Osvaldo Civile on lead guitar, Adrian Zucchi on second guitar, Eddie Walker on bass, Gabriel Ganzo Hugo Benítez on drums and voice. The band quickly gained recognition in the local heavy atmosphere, mainly due to credit that opened the presence of a former V8, but also for being one of the first in Argentina to explore a more extreme line within the genre. In 1990, HORCAS got his first record deal with independent label Radio Tripoli, and now as a quartet, in that Zucchi had left the band, recorded his first album "Tempest reign".
In 1991 Eddie Walker left the band and was replaced by current bassist Norberto "Topo" Yanez. In turn, the former Lethal Oscar Castro takes over second guitar. This training HORCAS recorded in 1992 their second album "Cry Bleeding Hear Mortals" and multiplies their presentations live circuit Capital and Greater Buenos Aires. In 1993 the band is selected to open the Metallica show at Velez Sarsfield Stadium in front of 50,000 people as well as to open for Motorhead, Kreator and Exodus in their dates in Argentina. However, they soon begin to emerge internal problems between the group and Osvaldo decides to dissolve the band and reassemble virtually from scratch, retaining only the formation Topo Yáñez. To make matters worse, serious problems arise between HORCAS and the record, so the band is prevented from recording for five years. This situation seriously harmed the growth of the band.
In 1994 and 1995 respectively, the current members, Coria and Guillermo De Luca join the band and in 1996 the singer does the same Christian Bertoncelli. HORCAS that year he was invited to join the traveling festival I Metal Rock Festival that runs throughout the country, culminating in a concert at the stage Works for 6,000 people. The festival is headed by Rata Blanca, Logos and Forks, bands participating in several former V8. The concert was a flourish as the meeting of the legendary band on stage Cathedral of Argentine rock. Osvaldo Civile, Gustavo Alberto Zamarbide Rowek and were joined by another former V8, guitarist Miguel Roldan, who replaced in the low to Ricardo Iorio, the only original member absent, who refused to participate in this meeting. The party was completed by Pappo as special guest. Recording of that show the CD "Tribute V8" is published.
The fact that Osvaldo continue with pitchforks against all odds, with the devotion that inspired him among metal fans, gave the band a new opportunity in 1997, when with the addition of voice Walter Meza replacing Christian Bertoncelli, who had retired to build their own project, Empire, HORCAS finally enters recording their long awaited third album "Overcome". The album was acclaimed by both the press and fans as well HORCAS stand again achieved. 1997 and 1998 were very promising for HORCAS, winning a considerable amount of public and finally position itself as one of the leading exponents of heavy metal, both in Argentina and in the rest of Latin America. At that time, Osvaldo told the press that after seven years had succeeded in forming the band that had fought so long. In 1998 HORCAS leads the second edition of the Metal Rock Festival and participates with the subject "your Inner Visions" CD "Metal Rock Festival II". That same year shows Pantera opens in Argentina.
In early 1999 HORCAS enters studio to record their fourth plate "Eternal", which would become the latest recording of Osvaldo Civile. The April 24, 1999, Osvaldo presented last live with pitchforks in El Duende de Flores neighborhood, delivering what their peers remembered as an unforgettable performance. Four days later, on April 28, Osvaldo dies at his home with a bullet to the chest. The cause of death was not definitively clarified.
After the shock caused the sudden disappearance of Osvaldo, the band decided to go ahead in honor of his alma mater. "While it sounds Forks, Osvaldo will be present," Yanez said the Mole. Gabriel Lis is then incorporated as new guitarist and the band embarks on a nationwide tour to promote the album "Eternal". In addition HORCAS first presented in Uruguay and Brazil. In 2000 they lead the Metal Rock Festival IV along with the legendary Spanish band Baron Rojo, who also accompanied by a series of international dates in Mexico, Bolivia and Panama. In 2002 HORCAS signature for the independent label The Pie Records and recorded his fifth album, the first without Osvaldo Civile. The album simply called "Forks" has an excellent reception both among fans as by the press and delivers classics as "Hope" and "Response". The following year the band released their first album live called "Live", recorded on September 13, 2003 during a show held in Hangar Buenos Aires city sold out.
2004 will become a turning point in the career of HORCAS. The band begins the year opening for Iron Maiden in Velez Sarsfield Stadium before 40,000 people. Shortly after management change and begin to turn more intensely for inland and international dates beginning to be a regular part of the touring band. During the promotional tour for "Live" topics that would form part of its new board they are composed. The November 18, 2004 HORCAS released "Wacky", his latest album for The Pie Records. The album, which opens a new stage of experimentation for the band I work with lower tunings and new sounds, received rave reviews and resonated with the public. Less than two months after its release he won the distinction of Heavy Metal Album of the Year by the trade press, which coincided with the voting public in the rankings of the major publications devoted to the genre.
Throughout the "Wacky Tour" which kicked off December 18, 2004 in the Theater of the city of Buenos Aires sold out, HORCAS acted throughout the interior of the country and spread their presentations abroad including countries such as Ecuador, Venezuela , Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia which closed the second stage of the prestigious Rock al Parque festival in Bogota on October 14, 2006. Also for the first time in his career HORCAS arose out of Latin America: the April 30, 2006 performed at the festival Viña Rock in Spain.
In 2006 the firm HORCAS SoyRock / TockaDiscos label - Sony BMG, its first contract with a multinational company. Under this agreement he recorded his eighth plate "Murderer", which deepens experimentation and presents fewer guitar solos and a darker tone than previous albums. The "Murderer Tour" 2007-2008 was a success with almost 100 shows which included a performance at the Vive Latino Festival in Chile, on April 15, 2007, opening shows of Soulfly and Megadeth in Buenos Aires in April 2007 and May 2008 respectively and presentations Pepsi Music Festival and Buenos Aires Metal Fest in 2007 and 2008 editions.
The October 16, 2008 HORCAS released his ninth album "Reviviedo Hosts". With a title that recreates the theme name "Reviving Hosts" included in his first plate, HORCAS seemed to suggest a return to the roots. However, the disc does not leave at all experimentation, but rather reviews the past through a current view. Proof of this is the remake of the classic "Suicide Solution" that closes the album.
Since early 2009 HORCAS is doomed to RH Tour, which to date has seen the band head first heavy stage in Cosquín Rock in its 2009 edition and included two presentations in support of Iron Maiden at the Velez Sarsfield stadium before 40,000 people on March 28, 2009 and Metallica in the River Plate stadium in front of 60,000 on 21 January 2010. On 15 May 2010 he recorded his tenth HORCAS plate and first live DVD in the College Theatre in Buenos Aires Titled "The continued curse .." as part of the celebrations to be held in 2010 to mark its 20th anniversary. In November 2011 lis gabriel guitarist left the band and instead enters Lucas "Castor" Simcic thus completing during the 2012 Tour Live DVD. And in 2013 a new tour across the country reliving the albums "Beat" and "Eternal" is Encara while alongside the new album of the band entitled "On Your Honor" which was released in November 2013 was composed to be released in Vorterix a show in the theater. And in 2014 a new long tour not only for the country but also for Latin America and the kick off of the official presentation of the disc in the Vorterix Theatre. Disco nominated for the 2014 Gardel Awards."

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