Saturday, October 3, 2015

free recording of fast, melodic epic metal: Dawn of Dissolution

by MMB
Dawn of Dissolution
free recording of fast, melodic symphonic extreme metal (free; last checked on October 3rd, 2015)
Dawn of Dissolution is from Texas, U.S., but the band has rejected all that mediocre, no-talent Pantera/gore/slam/brutal metal that is associated with the Lone Star State. Instead of the chugga-chugga groove thug metal so commonly found in Texas, this band prefers guitars with riffs, hooks and melodies because they have the skills and they are not afraid to use them. Do any young metal guitar players spend any time learning the instrument anymore? Instead of wasting so much time on social media, do young metal guitarists dedicate themselves to the art of shredding? Dawn of Dissolution does! The band has high standards and it shows. They are a new band, but they hate mediocre and laziness in metal and all you have to do is listen to the music and you will immediately hear the difference of Dawn of Dissolution. The recording is not yet the professional level that they want, but it sounds good and it is very, very promising. The band says that their influences are: Wintersun, Ensiferum, Catamenia, Amon Amarth, Opeth, Belphegor, Finntroll, Children Of Bodom, Behemoth, Kalmah, Insomnium, Lost Horizon, Moonsorrow, Equilibrium. Thus, if they name Moonsorrow, Wintersun and Lost Horizon in the same sentence, then you know that some great music is the objective of the band. Dawn of Dissolution has a lot of courage naming all those bands because this is how you know that Dawn of Dissolution absolutely hates mediocrity. That's something worth supporting, don't you think? A young band with high standards, big hopes and major objectives. Let's hope that this is just the beginning!
The band has two recordings:
Demo Demo 2015
Nightfrost EP 2015
The EP is:
1. Awakening of a New Horizon 02:17
2. Bloodshot at Dawn 04:50
3. Frozen Conquest 09:51
4. Twilight 02:06
5. Nightfrost 10:42
total time 29:46
The Facebook bio explains:
"Dawn Of Dissolution was formed late 2014 in Houston TX by Joseph Marduk and Andrew Amon. The purpose for the music itself is to incorporate elements of Melodic Death, Black, Folk, and Power Metal by adding symphonic, ambiance, and finally inspirations of traditional Northern European and East Asian cultures.
By late May, it was confirmed that Adrian Socaciu has taken the position as lead vocalist benefiting us to have the first EP 'Nightfrost' to be finally recorded and released. By mid July, Cole Jones was confirmed to be positioned as drummer for Dawn Of Dissolution, taking us to the next step.
Dawn Of Dissolution has two releases so far in the discography."
The band is:
Joseph Marduk - guitars, all Instruments, orchestrations, lyricist, programming.
Andrew Amon - guitars, orchestrations, lyricist, programming
???? - bass
Cole Jones - Drums, Percussion
Adrian Socaciu - vocals, lyricist.
???? - keyboards

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