Tuesday, October 6, 2015

free EP of old school death metal: Assimilation

by MMB
free EP of 80s-inspired traditional death metal (free when last checked on October 5th, 2015)
The band works hard at constructing a death metal identity that places importance on the quality of the guitar playing, the instrumentation in general, the vocals and the songwriting. For instance, the guitar playing is meant so that the listener can remember it. The guitar work sounds inspired by the classics, without sounding retro, in my opinion. It's crafted well, it's catchy, with some shredding, a bit of old school melodies. Or, consider the vocals: there are subtle traits that make the growling appealing. It's not the microphone-cupping lazy-growling. It's growling that is more nuanced and with more color. You might hear some Warrior/Petrov/Reifert-ish ughs, args, woofs and screams.
According to Facebook, this is the band:
Jesse Jardine: guitars/vocals
Zakk Garrett: bass
Stephen Shaw: drums
Rene Wilkinson: guitars
The band's bio states:
"Assimilation is an old school inspired Death/Thrash band from Vancouver BC Canada. Jesse Jardine, the founding member, started the band in 2011 as the grind variant, Ceaseless Discharge. after many lineup changes and after developing a more cohesive and focused sound, the name of the band was changed to Assimilation.
We have been steadily playing shows building our fan base over the past year. Our members include Steven Shaw, drummer for Death Grind band Sinned. Rene Wilkinson from Vancouver thrash kings, Terrifier, and Zak Garrett from local punk rock band Brass.
We recently finished our debut ep, apotheosis. featuring four tracks written over 4 years, representing the growth of the band, and the direction we wish to continue in. The album released on September, 2nd, 2015."
The recording is called "Apotheosis" (September 2nd, 2015).
1.Apotheosis 04:53
2.Decapitated by Beasts 03:27
3.Idle No More 04:45
4.Personal Vendetta 02:49
total time 15:54
Get the music here:

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