Wednesday, October 7, 2015

free EP of black metal: Endzeit

Free EP of black metal from Finland. Last checked on October 7th, 2015.
The band calls its music "raw apocalyptic black metal" and they are right to give it such a name because this is true, traditional black metal. The Marduk, Enthroned, Endstille, Dark Funeral fanatics that seek new upfront black metal to hear, Endzeit is for them. So far the band has one EP, but they say that they are working on the second one for this year. We'll see. In the meantime this EP is a good introduction to "raw apocalyptic black metal" from Finland.
This is the band's bio:
"Endzeit was conceived in late 2012 when the ‘Years of Hunger’ EP was written. Intentionally set out to be a raw black metal project by Polaris, the recruitment of Schwarz on vocals, Samuli on drums and Pyry on bass has turned Endzeit into a band venturing to spread pure black metal.
Lyrically the songs deal with a futureless life in a post-apocalyptic world. References to religious contexts can be found, yet reflecting a godless narrative. The inspiration to embed the decay of life, the decay of happiness and the absence of a future into the band’s musical and lyrical concept was triggered by the decay of the city of Detroit where modern capitalism has failed. Only haggard human shadows now dwell in the smouldering rubble."
"The Years of Hunger" (September 13th, 2014)
5.The Dawn No More Rises (Dark Funeral cover)
The band is:
Schwarz: guitars, vocals
Polaris: guitars
Pyry: bass
Samuli: drums

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