Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Diatonic (Sweden)
Hidden Pieces
Into the Night Records
release: 20 November 2015
Diatonic is somewhere between older "melodic death metal" and midtempo, groovy melodic growl metal in general. The guitar work is direct and chuggy, while the melodies appear layered above these chunky rhythms. Sometimes the music may sound a bit doom-ish, but it never really goes into that slow mode for an extended period of time. On the other hand, on a song like "Followed" the melodies really shine, even sound a bit pop-ish or happy. The album is nine songs and about 36 minutes. It goes by rather quick, actually. For your information, Diatonic's Joakim Antman's other bands include Overtorture, The Ugly, Decadence, and Hellicon. On Diatonic, Joakim apparently plays everything, except drums, which are handled by Fredrik Widigs, who is the drummer for black metal band Marduk. Fredrik and Joakim both play in The Ugly, a black metal band. Into the Night Records will re-release this 2014 album and Diatonic’s next album scheduled for 2016. However, keep in mind that Diatonic is not black metal at all. It's something more melodic, ear-friendly and groovy.
Diatonic - Led By The Mind

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