Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FREE 42-minute album of melodic moshy growl/sing metal: Nilfgaard (Poland)

FREE 42-minute album of melodic moshy growl/sing album: Nilfgaard (Poland)
What? The complete album is available for free? Is that correct?
Yes, it is.
If you are skeptical of the quality of the music, check it out for yourself. The recording quality is a-ok, not too clinical and the personality of the band gets across very well. While you might think it ridiculous that some bands want 7 or 8 dollars for a 4-song homemade demo, this band is making the complete album available for free, with a donation if you want.
Nilgaard appear to be doing a pretty smart move here: this is not a demo, this is not a garage recording and once listeners who like "melodeath" hear it, this band should have some new supporters.

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