Saturday, February 22, 2014

FESTIVAL NEWS: Dark Troll Festival 5 in Germany

Dark Troll Festival 5
Starting on the 29th until 31st of May, the Dark Troll Festival 5 will be celebrating its fifth edition located at the "Schweinsburg in Bornstedt" (Sachsen-Anhalt close to Halle/Saale). More than 20 international acts covering diverse metal genres are invited in order to make this festival a memorable event along with the exceptional surroundings that shouldn't be missed by anyone!
A true pearl among the insider tips of the festival-scenery opens its gates once again in May. This time the festival will even begin on Thursday already, thus expanding its quantity. The main act during those three days will be Netherland's Heidevolk who will overwhelm their audiences with heroic melodies and get the party going. In addition, Cryptic Forest will present songs from their EP Dawn of the Eclipse which they have never performed live before. The young band Firtan are also presenting something special, by introducing their new album. Fans and to-be fans of the bands Falloch and Celtachor can look forward to their first gigs in Germany!
Signs are pointing to a true highlight of the year to spend some memorable days amongst familiar company and bonfire romances.
Datum/date: 29.-31.05.2014
Ort/town: Bornstedt (Sachsen-Anhalt)
Bands: Abrogation, Aethernaeum, Agrypnie, Ahnengrab, Bifröst, Buchonia, Caladmor, Celtachor, Craving, Cryptic Forest, Delirium, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Eden Weint Im Grab, Falloch, Firtan, Fjoergyn, Heidevolk, Kultasiipi, Obscurity, Stormlord, Strydegor, Trimonium

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