Monday, January 6, 2014

ex Angra: Almah (Brazil)

Almah (Brazil): “Unfold” (Scarlet Records)
Almah was former Angra singer Edu Falaschi’s solo project, and now that Edu’s finished with Angra, Almah has taken on a new importance. Almah does not sound like Angra. Instead, it is a much more diverse sound: part metal, part pop, part adult contemporary rock, part radio rock, part groove rock. Edu gets to show off different moods, from rockers to ballads and things in between. Given that Edu and company have all been in bands, the recording sounds as professional as expected. It’s not particularly heavy, but I don’t think that the band cares. I think Angra diehards will likely say that Almah is a step below in quality (the drums sound too light/plastic, for instance) and in songwriting (simpler songs), but Edu diehards will just as likely approve of the album.

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