Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fuglymaniacs reviews Over Kill "The Electric Age"

This is not a review by Metal Bulletin zine.
Actually, is by Fuglymaniacs at
It's a different type of review!!
-- felt that Overkill didn't need a review which is why it's late. So, We will dedicate this to the haterz!!

The Electric Age is their 16th album. It is a pleasure to see the New Jersey guys back together for another release. D.D and "Blitz" & crew are at it again.
First let us adress this issue the Overkill haters have with a band Being Consistent!!


Adjective (of a person, behavior, or process) Unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time.

OOOOH! be quiet nobody wants to see you pout or hear your whining about how this band doesn't evolve, show innovation, growth or progress.  Wrecking crew class: 101 is now in session.
No!! it not the same shit, different cd. Its Overkill you turd. First of all, you kow that coffee shop,bar,dive,burger joint you frequent? Do you go there because they have shitty service/food, beer is warm, coffee is lame, and you never know if they're gonna get your burger right?!! No, its because they do things just the way you like it ....
Don't bother coming here is you are looking for an Opus , Keyboards, III part- 38 min song, Jazz or Bluegrass feel. If you want music to take you on a journey, connect at a spritual level or do Yoga classes...FUCK YOU!!

This is angry music you bastard! In true Overkill fashion, early tracks like “Come and Get It,” “Electric Rattlesnake” and “Wish You Were Dead” aim to tear your face off with no trace of subtlety or grace. It’s all thick, thrashy riffing, thunderous bass and drums, and Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth’s one-of-a-kind raspy snarl. Things never really let up from there, as all ten tracks are nasty and furious speed anthems, “Black Daze” has a bit more mid-tempo swagger. “Drop the Hammer Down” is a winning scorcher, exuding a NY/NJ variety of pissed-off attitude that’s as authentic as it’s mean-spirited. The one-two punch of“Old Wounds, New Scars” with lyrics “you got a lotta mouth for a Jersey white boy.” ( whats not to like) and “All Over But the Shouting” will make even the most pacifistic among you feel like breaking a bottle over somebody’s fucking face!. All the songs work and all should pump you up and make you want to run over that fucker infront of you that's jaywalkin'.

This shit is not concern with making you feeling warm inside,intellecting stimulating your senses or puttin' you in path to being a better human being. NO!! Overkill doesn't care about your carbon footprint, if it's ain't organic, cage free, no msg, gluten free bullshit it's Overkill... you fucking idiot!
If you want variety go fuck yourself or better yet go get the new RUSH, Falconer last album was in Swedish (Nice, we couldn't get pass the language barrier but did enjoy the English versions thou...Black Widow rock!!) or our album of last year Powerwolf !!.At any rate you get the point. Class dismissed!! This shit is good 8.5/10

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