Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kvelertak (Norway): Kvelertak (Indie Recordings)

Kvelertak (Norway): Kvelertak (Indie Recordings) What do you get when you combine The Sex Pistols and Thin Lizzy and turn up the intensity, and add raspy/scream/growl vocals? Does that idea sound confusing? Not really, it just sounds like loud classic rock, with punk energy and screamed vocals. What’s really going to make you fall down from your bicycle is the fact that Kvelertak are fantastically successful at this little concoction. It sounds way more interesting than this review makes it appear. The crucial part is that the band wants to make fun, rowdy rock. “Boogie punk scream rock metal,” anyone? Those that prefer their categories of music to be kept clear, might not enjoy the objective of this band. But those who want music to be a good time will appreciate this type of rock. Check out the songs “Sultans of Satan” and “Fossegrim” to hear what the hype is all about. Kvelertak is shameless. Thin Lizzy’s guitar harmonies and melodies, punk guitar riffs and drumming, plus screamed vocals = catchy rock songs.

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