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out June 12: USURPER

Check out the new song "Century of Entitlement' by the Dutch thrashers USURPER from the 1980s but active again since 2016. Below is the band's biography. The new album is called Evilution and it will be out on June 12th, 2020. This new song is posted on YouTube, and if you like the song and want to find out more check the Facebook pages below for more information about hearing more new songs or about getting the new album.
Official biography: USURPER were one of the first thrash metal bands from The Netherlands. Formed in 1985 by Patrick Harreman and Boudewijn Molendijk the band released three demos and one full length album before the band split up in 1990. Back then USURPER were part of a new style of extreme music. Bands that played louder and faster than anything before that. SLAYER and METALLICA from the US. KREATOR and DESTRUCTION from Germany. And bands like THANATOS and USURPER from The Netherlands. Despite USURPER’s unfortunate split in 1990 the ‘Divine Spiritual and Intellectual Development’ album kept selling, becoming a cult classic.
This lead to the re-release of that album and reuniting the band to do some shows in 2016. And this in turn lead to questions about a new album. The band have taken quite some time to write and record new material. Trying to capture some of the old magic, the old skool vibe from the 80’s, but at the same time capturing something new, fit for today’s world. The brand-new result is ‘Evilution’ which took three years to create. It gives you 8 tracks, each with its own sound, it's own vibe, crazy hooks, catchy riffs, incredible guitar solos. Every track has its own heartbeat, its own soul. From the 80’s old school sound in “Midlife Christ" to the ultra dark doom of "Cold Lake”. ‘Evilution' is an adventure for the old metalhead and the new alike.
Lyric video, Century of Entitlement, Usurper album Evilution

out June 12: Lord

Listen the opening song from Chaos Raining by the Lord, whose newest music comes out on June 12th, 2020. Metal Archives shows that there are at least eight bands listed as Lord, including three from the United States, but this Lord is from Australia and was formed in 2003, and they have a rather active discography, as you can see below, where you will some of the interesting official information about the band.
OFFICIAL INFORMATION: Long-running metallers LORD are pleased to announce that their new EP “Chaos Raining" on June 12th.
Frontman LT explains, “One of the biggest surprises from our last album, Fallen Idols, was the fan reaction to the song ‘Chaos Raining.’ This definitely set the wheels turning on how we could offer a cool package to the people who enjoy it, which was a bit of a challenge in these current COVID-19 locked down times.”
He continues, “What we decided to do was release this as a limited edition 100 copy EP, hand numbered, with fantastic artwork by TRISTAN TAIT, which also includes a 9+ minute long 80s style Extended Mix of the title track, and a newly written and recorded song called ‘A World Insane’ which is a real prog/power banger! We’ve all been long fans of WAYNE JOYNER’s motion graphics work with clips he’s done for METAL CHURCH, DREAM THEATER and AYREON, amongst many others. As most people who follow LORD know, I’m usually our video guy but between the lockdown and the amount of work on my plate right now stopping me from getting into the edit suite, this became the perfect opportunity to work with Wayne, who created an incredible lyric clip for the song.”
Chaos Raining will be available as both a digital release and as a bundle that includes a T-shirt featuring the cover art, and a CD that is hand-numbered and limited to 100 copies only worldwide.
Chaos Raining is taken from the 2019 album “Fallen Idols” which was LORD’s best selling and best reviewed album to date, reaching #20 in the Australian ARIA charts and #2 on the Australian Independent Labels chart.
LORD - Heavy Metal from Wollongong/Sydney, Australia.
Imagine a mix tape of your favourite songs. An open mind to styles, from melodic to extreme. “A good song is a good song, regardless of genre.”
This was the blueprint that LORD adopted right from the start, back when the band was known as DUNGEON and based in the Australian outback.
That open mind and sense of fun, the unashamed goal of doing what feels right, regardless of any trends or expectations is what has taken LORD around the world, playing alongside some of the biggest bands in rock, such as MEGADETH, QUEENSRŸCHE, NIGHTWISH, HELLOWEEN, SAXON and MAYHEM, just to name a few.
Now preparing for their upcoming 2018 release, and most recently returning from appearances at Indonesia’s massive Hammersonic festival, and the prestigious ProgPower USA festival (which was recorded and filmed for a live release), LORD is ready to build on the legacy of their impressive back-catalogue, and write the next page in their long and varied history. “Set our sights beyond the sky, and we’re running wilder than the wind.”
DISCOGRAPHY, according to Metal Archives:
A Personal Journey Full-length 2003
Ascendance Pack Boxed set 2007
Ascendence Full-length 2007
Hear No Evil EP 2008
Live at the Metro Live album 2009
Set in Stone Full-length 2009
Return of the Tyrant EP 2010
Digital Lies Full-length 2013
Digital Lies (Extended Mix) EP 2013
The Dungeon Era Boxed set 2014
What Tomorrow Brings EP 2015
A Personal Journey: Revisited Full-length 2016
Rarities EP 2016
Kata Pengantar Compilation 2017
Live at ProgPower USA XVII Live album 2017
Fallen Idols Full-length 2019
Chaos Raining EP 2020
Chaos Raining EP by LORD

Saturday, May 30, 2020

out June 12: Anonymus

Watch two official music videos from the upcoming album La Bestia by longtime Canadian thrashers Anonymus. The band began in 1989 and they have ten studio albums (according to Metal Archives) before this new one. Their discography shows a constant output of albums and they have done more than 1500 concerts. They have songs in French, English, Spanish and who knows what other languages. The new album, as you can tell, should be immediately comprehensible to Spanish-speaking thrash fans. La Bestia comes out on June 12th, 2020.
Official information: Anonymus is a Canadian thrash metal band that explodes on stage with each presence, that pulls you in with its passion and that yells at you with corrosive and violent texts that will not leave anyone indifferent.
Since their first release in 1994, Anonymus has made its mark on the Quebec music scene. From the beginning, the group has been well received while demonstrating its brutal sound and technique that has continually evolved over the years. Oscar Souto (vocals, bass) Daniel Souto (guitar, vocals) Carlos Araya (drums), Jef Fortin (guitar since 2006) and Marco Calliari (vocals, guitar from 1994 to 2006) have since widely traveled the roads of their country, participated in the deprivation of Mononc’Serge and continue today to ignite stages everywhere they go. These veterans of the metal scene continue to proudly carry the torch after 20 years of chaos and barbaric music.
Forever hungry for metal, everyone in Anonymus brings ideas to the table. Sometimes it is a whole song or just the beginnings of one, yet together the band works to create a full thrashy anthem from the pieces, working on it until it is complete. The music always comes first, and when the ambiance is formulated, the lyrics, which come from a personal place and from current events, can be added.
Unstoppable and indestructible, inspired by bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax; Anonymus is nothing short of the powerful, aggressive and technical thrash metal that they have been refining for decades exemplified on their impressive discography of both French and English releases, which includes: “Ni vu, ni connu” (1994); Stress (1996); Instinct (1999); Daemonium (2002); Academie du Massacre (2003); Chapter Chaos Begins (2006); Musique Barbare (2008); État Brute (2011); Envers et contre tous (2015); P.O.M.M.E (2017); Sacrifices (2019); and their first ever Spanish album La Bestia (2020) due out June 12 via label Bam&co Heavy.
Today, Anonymus does not need a presentation. This institution of the Quebec metal industry has been offering for twenty-six years, a passion for dark notes and unrivaled power. The offer is still valid. With more than 1500 career shows under their belt, Anonymus is completely in their element when performing in front of fans, they offer only their absolute best ensuring the crowd is moving. Having shared the stage with metal great such as Anthrax, Cannibal Corpse, and Kataklysm at festivals such as Heavy Montreal, Montebello, and through international tours, they are no strangers to a wild show.
Anonymus - Sobrevivir
Anonymus - Terremoto - En Vivo Studio 209

out June 12: League of Corruption

Listen now to the title track from the album Something in the Water by League of Corruption, a Canadian band devoted to perfecting the sound of contemporary swamp rock and roll. The official information below points out that they love Corrosion of Conformity, Lynyrd Skynyrd and all things Zakk Wylde, for a stoner doom sound based on slow-burn, thick, simple riffs and that big-belly hollering that fans have come to expect. The album comes out on June 12th, 2020 and below is the Bandcamp link to everything League of Corruption.
Official information: There’s something about the grittiness of Southern-styled groove metal that instantly evokes the mental image of beer flowing, hair flying, and riff upon solo thundering from the speakers. But this is no backyard band on their first rodeo; this is League of Corruption, founded by scene veteran Chris Barlow (ex-Mecha Messiah), and with Canada’s underground legend Brian Langley (Aggression, ex-Infernäl Mäjesty) on guitar and backing vocals. Despite existing intermittently for 15 years, 2020 is the time to roll out their début full-length, Something in the Water.
So what does this group from the Great White North have to offer? “Save the Church” has that clear from the outset. We kick off with pounding drums and an instantly catchy guitar melody, topped off with a rough-n’-ready gravelly bellow, the bass filling out the low end neatly, though it too has its time to shine when a screaming solo takes centerstage. Zakk Wylde has had no small part to play in Brian Langley’s sidewinder guitar playing - not least that the latter fronts a Wylde tribute band - but their influences also spread to heavier and lighter climes. “Want Me Gone” channels that mournful Lynyrd Skynyrd vibe, while the title track brings in big gun riffing in the vein of Down or Corrosion of Conformity.
There’s a lot packed into these six tracks. It’s clear that if a soundtrack is needed for ice cold beers and reminiscing about the good ol’ days of rock and metal, then League of Corruption proves there is indeed Something in the Water in Vancouver. League of Corruption are a groove metal band emerging from the primordial ooze of the Vancouver heavy music scene. The band crafts a sound that fuses classics like Lynyrd Skynyrd modern icons such as Corrosion of Conformity. This leads to a southern tinged assault. Suffice it to say, League of Corruption like their metal groovy and their beers cold. It all ties into the band's ambitious vision.
Something in the Water by League of Corruption

out now: Ancient Curse

Here are some songs from the new album The New Prophecy by the German band Ancient Curse. Their sound converges various strands, like traditional heavy metal, progressive tendencies, power metal, and a bit of thrash/crunch/groove. The band began in the 1980s, and Metal Archives shows two albums in the 1990s, too. To find out more about the album, check the Facebook page at the bottom.
ANCIENT CURSE are neither an ordinary Power Metal formation nor a Prog Metal band. Founded in 1985, they are also not a typical band of the eighties because their storm and stress phase emerged in the mid-1990s with one mini and two full-length albums.
Two and a half decades ago they played in this line-up: singer / guitarist Pepe Pierez (ex-Sons of Seasons), guitarist Gunnar Erxleben (ex-Riot Instinct), bassist Thorsten Penz (G.L.A.S.S.) and drummer Matthias Schröder. With their comeback "The New Prophecy" in 2020, the band from Bremen show all their steel power and played in nine new songs in which Power Metal is touched by Teutonic Speed Metal and even a little bit in direction of Thrash Metal. The overall sound proliferates with a considerable variety, which can be called progressive, but also simply imaginative. ANCIENT CURSE have found a unique style.
THE MUSIC stands out for razor-sharp riffs, melancholic acoustic intermezzos, interesting vocals and complex arrangements. This was achieved by a longstanding team-work and most professional attitude towards music.
Until now Ancient Curse always managed, either as headliner or support (e.g. for Rough Silk and Tankard), to win the audience over with their energy-packed live show.
When staying in cuba – their biggest success so far since the formation of the band 10 years ago – (as the first foreign rockband since the revolution in 1959) they brought the fans to a frenzy every evening. The song "Plastic Tears" from the album "The Landing" became a No.-1-Hit in Cubas Radio-Rock-Charts.
Additionally the musical quality has been acknowledged nationally through diverse prizes (e.g. Radio FFN "Local Heroes", "National Rock Prize"
We Follow the Signs
Ancient Curse "The Shadow" - Lyric Video
The New Prophecy
One Moment of Fortune

out now: Paralysis

Hear the new album Mob Justice by New Jersey, U.S. hardcore thrashers Paralysis, released on May 29th, 2020. Metal Archives shows that the band has been active for some ten years now, and they have six releases in total, including this one. The band will appeal especially to fans of crossover thrash in the old-school style of the 1980s, when punk rock and heavy metal met for a sharper, tighter, wilder sound that ever since then has been the cause of contact-sport physical friendly fun in the mosh pit.
Biography: The band “Paralysis” started out in the year 2010. They went through multiple line up changes over the years. They released their first EP “No Turning Back” on September 4th of 2015. A year later their second EP was released on May 20th of 2016 titled “You Can’t Win”. Over the course of 2016, the band traveled the U.S. supporting that EP. The “U.S. Can’t Win Tour” consisted of 9 dates going down the east coast and the “Systematic Apostatic Transgressions On The Midwest Tour” consisted of 7 dates going from New York City to Chicago. The band then released their first full length album titled “Life Sentence” on June 30th of 2017. In support of that album they concluded the “Life Sentence Tour” which was their first coast to coast U.S. tour consisting of 22 dates. The “Civil Execution Tour” consisted of 7 dates going from New Jersey to Chicago and ending in Cleveland, Ohio. They started 2018 with a two week east coast tour. They are planning to consistently tour and release new music in the near future.
Mob Justice by Paralysis

out now: NORTHWIND

Listen to the entire new album History by the returning cult Greek band NORTHWIND. This is the follow-up to the band's second album Mythology from 1987. That is only 33 years ago, but who's counting?! Expect old-school heavy metal based on the greats of hard, heavy, classic rock. The band's debut album was released in 1982; therefore, the 1970s and the 1980s cannot but be present in some form, and this is classic-style done in 2020. Fans of the golden-oldie heavy metal with anthemic sensibilities might find a gem in the Greek band. Do not imagine any attempts to be contemporary in the sense of trying to copy fashions and trends from right now. Expect rocking, bluesy guitar riffs and catchy hooks. That's Northwind's interpretation of classic rock in 2020. Here is the official information about the band and new album.
Someone might say that NORTHWIND is the most legendary Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Greece. Their debut album "Northcomin'" was the first of its kind in Greece, originally released in 1982, while the follow-up "Mythology" (1987) is one of the greatest albums that ever came out from Greece. At that point, NORTHWIND added many epic elements in their music and that album is recognized as one of the best albums ever released in Greece. A few years later in 1992, the band visited the United Kingdom and the famous Metropolis Studios to start recording the third album. Four tracks were recorded but those sessions were never released and NORTHWIND went on hiatus. Years later, and after a few shows including a performance at Up the Hammers Festival and a supporting show with URIAH HEEP, the legendary band from Thessaloniki completed a new album under the name "History"... and the legacy continues."History" was recorded and produced at Papa's Studio, the same studio "Mythology" was recorded 33 years ago, in order to keep the same vibe as a continuation of the '80s spirit. For NORTHWIND, that continuation is very important and the band wanted to keep their original sound. The epic elements are present once more and you can even get a WARLORD vibe in songs like "King Alexander the Third" and "Marathon March". While "Mythology" was based in ancient Greek myths, "History" explores historical figures and events of ancient Greece, with the recognizable sound of NORTHWIND, that is highly recommended for fans of URIAH HEEP, RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH.

Friday, May 29, 2020

out now: Deathbreaker

This is a reminder that May 29th, 2020 is the release day for Isolate, the new album by the hardcore band Deathbreaker (Facedown Records) from the state of Washington, U.S. Their approach to hardcore focuses on emphasizing heaviness, as if the band has searched for some of the heaviest tones available on the guitar and goes for it. Even though there are places where speed is utilized and the band comes close to death metal-like sounds in certain spots, speed is generally not the main, overriding objective. Heaviness is. From there, things getting harsher. The music has a certain stop/start quality and the use of guitar squeals adds a rough dimension to the sound. It’s meant to sound ugly and it does, but to the fans of the heavy hardcore, the fans that want it ugly, angry and brutish, this is the U.S. hardcore of 2020: bitter, abrasive and grooving. Here are some songs for you to hear, and if you enjoy it, remember to go the band's Facebook page for more information.
Deathbreaker "Choke" - Official Video
Deathbreaker - Spite
Pit Viper


May 29th, 2020 is the release day for the album Constellation by STARGAZERY (Finland), a progressive heavy metal band in the traditional/classic style with singing. Here are three songs from the album. If you enjoy the quality of the music, check the Facebook and label pages below for more information.
In 2011 STARGAZERY released its first album "Eye On The Sky", which was highly praised by the media. The follow-up album "Stars Aligned" from 2015 was rated no less badly. Now in 2020 the third work “Constellation” by the Finns around mastermind Pete Ahonen (BURNING POINT, GHOST MACHINERY) is on the tableau. Stylistically, of course, nothing has changed here. It rules bombastic, keyboard-driven Melodic Metal, which was strongly influenced by RAINBOW and BLACK SABBATH (Tony Martin era). The sharp, crystal-clear production really brings out the extraordinary vocals of Jari Tiura (ex-MSG, Ex-SNAKEGOD). The complete work is a found treasure with a lot hit potential for all friends of the style.
Biography: Stargazery was born late in the year 2005. The force that led to form this band was one single song which Pete wrote. He felt it wasn't suitable for either one of his bands, Burning Point or Ghost Machinery. The song was later named "How Many Miles".
It was clear from the start that the band needed a strong, melodic voice as well as a charismatic frontman. No question about it, Jari Tiura (ex-MSG, Snakegod) was the perfect choice. Bassist Jukka Jokikokko was an easy pick as he was already Pete's bandmate in Burning Point. The drummer at the time was Jarkko Huhtela, Pete's friend and a member from their band way back when... The wizard with the keyboards, Marco Sneck, was found from the ranks of Poisonblack and ex- Kalmah.
Early 2007 Stargazery made its first single "Dying / Rescue" which raised a lot of eyebrows and gained media attention with its melodic metal attack. The band did some selected live performances and decided it was time to start recording their debyt album. They entered the HelGate Studios (Oulu, Finland) to start the studio work. Unfortunately, the activities with MSG and Burning Point delayed the recording process. The drummer also decided to step aside from the band. However, Stargazery was determined to finish the making of their debut album.
The bands line-up was completed again as Jussi Ontero (Burning Point, Ghost Machinery) sat behind the drums. Between 2009 and late 2010 the recording and the mixing of the album were done. After short negotiations Stargazery inked a world wide deal with Germany's Pure Steel Records.
The debyt album, Eye On The Sky, saw the light of day in April 2011. It was released in Japan as well as in the rest of the world. It was highly praised in medias all over the globe. Ready, willing and able to rock the stages, Stargazery again suffered some misfortune from various reasons and ended up playing only a few shows in their home country.
Jussi, Jukka and Pete had commitments towards their other band, Burning Point, and they needed to finish their new album. Shortly after that Pete started to write new material for the 2nd Stargazery release.
Songs were ready at the end of the year 2012 and the recordings started. Sometimes things just take their time and that was the case here too. The last recordings were made in the spring/early summer of 2014.
Once again the album's beautiful artwork was done by Felipe Machado Franco. The powerful and dynamic mastering was done in the Chartmaker Studios by Minerva Pappi.
Definitive treat for the fans of Whitesnake, Dio, early Gary Moore etc. "Stars Aligned" is a real Hard Rock gem full of catchy sing-a-long tunes packed with a killer production!
Keep Your Eye On The Sky!
STARGAZERY - Sinners In Shadows - official Video
STARGAZERY - "Constellation" - official lyric video (PURE STEEL RECORDS)
Self-Proclaimed King

review: Atavistia

The Winter Way
29 May 2020
The Canadians have their sights set on lofty artistic goals. The keyboards/symphonics project into their sound the desire of film score. The guitars place a great deal of emphasis on memorable melodies, as the band seeks the sensation of epic compositions in their music. While for the casual listener there might not be a difference between this music and any other extreme album, this band expresses more skillful and artful forms, even though there are still extreme vocals as a fundamental part of the sound. The young band does not hide its love of the Finnish band Wintersun, and the melodic singing is in that style, too. Unfortunately, some Wintersun fans have overreacted emotionally in thinking the Canadians as “unoriginal,” crediting to Wintersun an exaggerated sense of “originality,” perhaps out of ignorance of the history of symphonic/orchestral elements in rock/metal going back to the 1960s; of melodic black and extreme metal in general; of growling/singing styles, and other components found in Wintersun.
This is a young band and they made a consistent, solid and competent album that is very promising. In time, they might surprise themselves and the fans as they make the journey and find out for themselves if they have the willpower, strength and stubbornness to survive the frustrations, joys, financial losses, and the stress of being in a band (not to mention dealing with the negative, broken, often jealous individuals on the internet that are so quick to dismiss your life’s work as a musician). Surviving that journey can make them tougher, even more determined, and there is reason to think that much greater things await this band. Don’t pay attention to the cynics, listen to this band for yourself. They are just getting warmed up.
Atavistia - The Forbidden One (Official Lyric Video)

review: Ancillotti

Hell on Earth
Pure Steel Records
May 29th 2020
On the third album the Italian family act gives fans of direct, traditional rocking the security that this entity, this music is what they want and celebrate, in particular it’s a salute to supporters of gritty, classic-rock heavy metal. It is the deeply held belief that what has worked for more than 50 years can find a place in the hearts of the fans anywhere in the world today. The endeavor consists of Bud Ancilllotti, the longtime singer for the veteran cult band Strana Officina, his son Brian and Bud’s brother Bid; with Ciano joining them on guitars. If it is true that today’s music audiences are fickle and spend only a few seconds to decide to listen to new music, then this band is very aware of that and wastes no time in getting to the rocking.
In the U.S. audiences of rock radio that plays anything from Led Zeppelin and AC/DC to Judas Priest and Ozzy, to Guns n Roses and Metallica, may find here tunes to like. The Italians show a sense for a heavy metal based on classic and hard rock, and staying true to their promise to give the people what the people readily understand as the language of rock music to lift spirits and make work, school and life more bearable. Musically, the idea at work is AC/DC, Motörhead, Accept, Saxon, U.D.O. and bands that stick to their story. The singing is very recognizable as Bud Ancillotti, gritty, tough but melodic, and you might think of raw singers like AC/DC’s Brian Johnson, Motörhead, and Udo, a singing style that is a bit rough around the edges but a lot of fun. Overall, if you want a proud rock album—expect no cheesy ballads, no sugary keyboards, no experimentation, no punk, no hardcore, no slowpoke doom, no trendy elements—to lift your spirits, then consider this one a ticket to the sound of the greats of yesterday and today of international classic and hard rock and heavy metal.
ANCILLOTTI - Revolution - official Video (PURE STEEL RECORDS)
ANCILLOTTI - Till The End (New single) Pure Steel Records

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

out June 12: MADHOUSE

MADHOUSE (Germany) is set to return with a new studio album called Braindead scheduled for the 12th of June, 2020. They have a new song called "Never Say Die" that you can hear on their Facebook page. Below you will also find some older songs from their 2018 album Metal or Die. As you will read in the official information, they were active in the 1980s, then disappeared in the 1990s, but since 2014 they are active again, and now have two studio albums for the fans of the old-school heavy/thrash metal.
MADHOUSE was founded in 1987 by Carsten Krekow (Git/Vox) and Thomas Gamlien (Git) in Hamburg/Germany. After going through some auditions Lars Rothbarth (Bass) and Paul Slabiak (Drums) completed the Line-Up. The Band produced the DemoTapes GOIN CRAZY (1988) and MADHOUSE (1989) which got good reviews in the German Undergroud and brought opening positions for DARXON / ZED YAGO & CHROMING ROSE. After the Split in 1991 every musician joined other Bands in the local Metal scene. In winter 2014 the members got back together and listened to the old songs... after some beers the Reunion was fixed. Since 2016 MADHOUSE is working hard on old & new material together with vocalist Didi Shark. The 2017th Demo PURE METAL brought good reviews and one year later it was time for first full lenght album METAL OR DIE! After this, band was playing some gigs in Hamburg area with good resonance. New tracks for album BRAINDEAD are ready for release now. One more time it's catchy, powerful uptempo Heavy Metal, the perfect 'Headbanger's stuff'!
Metal Or Die
Demons Of Insanity
Gates Of Hell

out June 12: Jupiter Hollow

Watch the official music video by the progressive band Jupiter Hollow, which the official information says is "For fans of Tool, Rush, A Perfect Circle, Pink Floyd, Tesseract, The Contortionists, Karnivool & Rishloo." Their June 12th, 2020 album is called Bereavement. Below is some official information about the band, along with a second track from the album.
WARNING: Parental guidance: The official music video contains violence/fighting that you might not consider appropriate for sensitive or younger viewers.
We are Jupiter Hollow. Some people consider us to be alternative metal, some people consider us to be progressive rock, and some people just like what they hear. We don’t believe in genre; we believe genre is an excuse to pigeonhole our sound. For us, we prefer to keep our options open. When you hear Jupiter Hollow you may feel an overwhelming sense of space, arrangement and instrumentation. However, behind the music there are just 2 humans: Kenny Parry and Grant MacKenzie. We met on Earth in the year of 2015 at a musical gathering, where the universe inevitably conceived Jupiter Hollow. Since then, we’ve expressed part one of a conceptual endeavor called “AHDOMN”. The story is to be continued on June 12 with our new record “Bereavement”.
As for what Jupiter Hollow sounds like, that's for you to determine. We don't care what we sound like, since we don't have control over our destiny. Our path is written, but we must walk it. Therefore, the music has already been created in the future, and we are messengers of the present.
We are from Earth, from your future. Moving forward through time is to move forward through space. We are evolutionary descendants of our past, we evolve from our actions. Jupiter Hollow is here to share the missing link of your human existence.
Jupiter Hollow - The Mill (Official Music Video)
Jupiter Hollow - The Rosedale (Official Stream)

out June 12: Obscene

"Isolated Dumping Grounds" is the song that Obscene has playing now at the Bandcamp page below ahead of the June 12th, 2020 release of their first album The Inhabitable Dark. Some reviews ahead of the release have been saying, in the usual ridiculous language that reviewers and fans like: "I hear honest real old school death metal here, played from the heart and with the enthusiasm that only experienced gravediggers have" (Deadly Storm zine); and "Well made DM, contains the essential that we all want strength, combination of fast and not so fast themes, chaotic lyrics, recommended for fans of Asphyx, of the first Pestilence, Nominon, and also of the Swedish Verminous." (From Beyond Metal Fanzine); "But as fast and furious as the song is, you’ll see how beautifully constructed it is — segmented by skull-busting grooves, sharp shifts in riffing, and the creation of a certain kind of coherent atmosphere — one of awe-inspiring grandeur mixed with feeding-frenzy ferocity" (NO CLEAN SINGING). Imagery exaggeration aside, this U.S. band should be of interest to customers into straightforward, headbanging death metal. Below is the official release information.
After impressing with their 2018 demo, Sermon to the Snake, Obscene make their LP debut with a renewed sense of ruthless aggression in The Inhabitable Dark. They entered Earth Analog Studios in Tolono, IL in summer of 2018 to lay down 8 tracks of death metal fury. Not adhering to any sort of 'caveman' or 'cavernous' trend in the current climate, this album harkens back to the early Florida and Dutch death metal scene as well as nods to U.K., Scandinavia, New York, touches of vicious thrash and riff oriented traditional heavy metal to go along with an unhinged acidic vocal style. Artwork provided by cult artist and legendary great, Mark Riddick in one of his best works. Come with Obscene down in The Inhabitable Dark!
The Inhabitable Dark by OBSCENE

out June 6th: ABOVE AURORA

Listen to a song from the upcoming June 6h, 2020 album The Shrine of Deterioration by ABOVE AURORA (Poland/Iceland). The extreme band seeks a "hypnotic" and "trance" sound, as you will read in the official information and hear in the song below.
Established in Poznań, Poland in 2015 - and currently residing in Reykjavik, Iceland - Above Aurora debuted in 2016 with the album "Onwards Desolation" on Pagan Records. The album presents a pessimistic, trance-like black metal rooted in the tradition shaped by Burzum, Funeral Mist, Fog or Watain. At the beginning of 2018, Above Aurora released the mini album "Path to Ruin" mixed by Stephen Lockhart in Studio Emissary (Svartidauđi, Slidhr, Rebirth of Nefast, Sinmara). Over the next year, the band performed intensively, taking part in numerous festivals (including Ascension Festival Iceland, Howls of Winter, FOAD Fest II) and supported Fog during the European tour.
The material was recorded this winter and consists of six new compositions offering a hypnotic journey through various dimensions of pessimism. Trance, minimising the forms of expression and unfathomable coldness - these are the distinguishing features of the Above Aurora style. The band commented: "The Shrine of Deterioration" captures the current state of the band as mankind’s feeble condition continues to decline. Perhaps it is the essence of Above Aurora - our disappointment and resignation, loathing and self-reflections, sonically more complex than the previous releases, yet continuing the same form."
"The Shrine of Deterioration" was recorded at Left Hand Sounds, while Haldor Grunberg was responsible for the mix and mastering. The artwork and graphic design was done by Kontamination Design.
ABOVE AURORA - Barren Lore

out June 6: Kult Mogił

Listen to a new song from the upcoming June 6th, 2020 album Torn Away the Remains of Dasein by Kult Mogił. The Polish band declares simply that they want a more direct, hard-hitting style of death metal, and from the song you will be able to tell that. Here is the official information about the band and album.
Kult Mogił was established in 2014 and released its first demo the following year, which aroused the interest of Pagan Records and led to the release of their debut album "Anxiety Never Descending". In 2017 the EP "Portentaque" came out under the same banner. Almost three years after its release, Kult Mogił is back with a new, full-length album. The album will be released on 6 June 2020 and was recorded with a new line-up. This generated a new energy and directed the band towards a more classic death metal sound, if not in an old-school 90s style. The band's line-up has been strengthened with Deimos on vocals and Rzułty on guitars. Kult Mogił comment about the new sound on "Torn Away The Remains of Dasein": "Instead of following trends of fashionable playing, we're heading in the opposite direction, going back to the roots of death metal even more than before. This is our most essential recording, devoid of layers of sludge and other popular additions from previous releases. We want the new songs, stripped of these ornaments, to defend themselves with strong, load-bearing riffs. This album is 100% devoid of the desire to be avant-garde or experimental. We are destroying the previously developed formula so that we can on its ruins pay homage to the classics of the genre." The album artwork and the album's entire visual design was created by Sars. Satanic Audio and Hardor Grunberg are responsible for the mix and mastering.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

out June 5: Junkowl

Junkowl is Canadian "groove metal, stoner, and hardcore." Add "sludgy, angry, rude, obscene" to it, and that pretty much describes the sound. Listen to two songs from the June 5th, 2020 album Making Out With My Death that are posted on the Bandcamp page. Their music is ugly but it's because "how ugly the world" for them is. Ugly inside, ugly outside, ugly band, ugly music, ugly world = perfection, right?!! Listen for yourself if you are not offended by lots of cursing and angry grooves.
Heavy, sexy, and southern. Those are the best words to describe Montreal’s Junkowl. Formed in 2017, their unique blend of groove metal, stoner, and hardcore is matched with high energy ‘in your face’ performances. A year earlier Jesse Frechette (vocals) met Dom Labrie (drums) and after a few jams they picked up Marco Larosa (guitar) and Samuel Matte (bass) and the rest is history. The writing process is a collaborative one, with melodies and vocals usually forming on the spot.
Moving through the underground music scene, Junkowl quickly made a name for themselves when they won the 2019 ‘En Route Vers Heavy Montreal’; a competition between nearly 200 bands, landing them a spot at that year’s edition of renowned metal festival Heavy Montreal.
On June 5th, 2020, they will release their debut album, “Making Out With My Death”, a 10 track record full of sultry and powerful songs about past regrets and self-destructive behaviour. It includes the band’s favourite “10,000 Vultures”, the first song Junkowl ever wrote, which was completed after the first jam together. Almost all the lyrics were freestyle during that jam.
With no sign of slowing down, Junkowl has more tunes in the works and pouring passion into their live performances and newly recorded tunes. Stay tuned for party animal blues; fat spliffs and heavy riffs.
Making Out With My Death by Junkowl

out June 5: WITCHES

Ahead of their June 5th, 2020 album The Fates the band WITCHES has a song available called "We Are," which is the opening song from the album. WITCHES formed back in 1986 and did several demos in the 1980s, continued active throughout the years with some breaks in between. The new album, according to Metal Archives, follows up a couple of EPs from 2015 and 2016. Below is some official information about the band. Below the new song is an older live performance video that is posted on YouTube.
After touring Europe with Venom inc and Vader in 2015, Suffocation in 2018, Japan (2017) and France (2019) with Hate Beyond (JPN), playing all around France and at festivals like Hellfest, Witches comes back with a new album for their 33 years anniversary!
Sibylle Colin-Tocquaine (guitar, vocals) together with Lienj (Desarticulate, ex-Kaemorph…) and Jo “Sangli” Juré (ex-Disaster, ex-Insain, …) create this brand-new album of Thrash Metal. Their Thrash is not only Thrash.
Thrash with lots of Blast and which leaves a little room for breathing and melodies. It also mixes several types of Extreme Metal which gives a varied and very coherent whole. The album is mixed and mastered by HK at Vamacara Studio (Loudblast, Dagoba, Sinsaenum, Black bomb A, Les Tambours du Bronx, and lots more).
The Artwork, by Headsplit design, illustrates the song WE ARE, first song of the album, and shows THE FATES that spin, unwind and cut the thread of men's lives. Their loom is made of bloody spears, their comb is a sword, their thread human organs…
Witches - We Are
WITCHES - Jump with Fright @ Hellfest 2016 (Official Video)

out June 5: Gorlvsh

And now for something noisy and without guitars. Gorlvsh is for fans of punk hardcore chaotic obnoxious sounds. You might wonder if they are trying to annoy the living daylights out of you or just amusing themselves going, "Does anybody in this band even know where this so-called song is going?!! Whatever, just keep playing and screaming and we'll figure it out later!" Basically, this is a guitarless interpretation of punk rock noise. It's "different" for sure!
The Bandcamp page does not seem to have any new music there, but here's a track from YouTube. June 5th, 2020 is the day for their recording New City Vibes. Below is the official information about this Canadian band of grasshoppers.
Crashing out of Montreal, Canada, comes the latest in new city groove in the form of GORLVSH. This power trio hails themselves as Montreal’s Sickest Guitar-less Band, and what they lack in guitar they make up for with a tornado of crushing riffs, a dash of poppy hooks and ****** up rhythms.
They combine their technical wankery with gutter punk sensibilities to bring a bizarre, mathy, metallic hardcore-esque punk sound with inspiration from Death From Above and Lightning Bolt. This bass/drum/banshee trio works hard on their music together with Nick (bass) starting with a bag of riffs, Noah (drums) adding complexity and then Isaac (vocals) writes lyrics about whatever inspires him that day and the result is unique, sludgy, metallic hardcore that can only be GORLVSH.
Even with their DIY attitudes, the sound is produced and performed phenomenally and they write their music with the live show in mind. They want people to be excited to experience something new and in 2020, they will release their first full length album “New City Vibe” on June 5th via No List Records and Ancient Temple Recordings for cassette version.
Gorlvsh - Sheppard One is Down

out June 5: AZZIARD; two new songs now

The new album by AZZIARD is called Liber Secondus - Exégèse and it releases on June 5th, 2020. It looks like the Bandcamp page does not yet have the new music on it, but below you will find two tracks from YouTube that do come from the new album. Before the videos, here is some official information about the entity, which Metal Archives says it is a France-based enterprise.
After 2 albums based on the First World War, the band is back with a brand-new line-up (including members of The Negation, Insain, End of Mankind), a new theme, a radical hard line, and a new musical direction. Azziard was on tour with Marduk and Ragnarok for the Viktoria European tour 2018 in UK and Nederland. They will play with Watain, Aura Noir, Der weg einer freiheit... for the Tyrant Fest 2018 and Dead Congregation, Antaeus... for the Winter rising fest 2018. Azziard has played also with many of the big names of extreme Metal, on tour or at festivals, including Marduk, Ragnarok, Belphegor, Behemoth, Der weg einer freiheit, Emperor, Moonsorrow, Setherial, Solstafir, Gorgoroth, Tsjuder. The band also performed at HELLFEST 2014, TRIEL Open Air 2014, Black Metal is Rising, and Ragnard Rock Festival. The 4th Album, second part of the Liber novus trilogy, is planned for September 2019.
The band’s new concept is based on a mix of Carl Gustav Jung works and the deep, dark instincts of the human species. It explores the complexity of the human psyche and its metaphysical aspects, the archetypes of collective unconsciousness, and the process of individualisation responsible for the decadence of our civilisation. Each man has a fundamental evil side, a side that is longing to be expressed. Métampsychose is the first opus of a new cycle of 3 albums based on the Red Book of Carl Jung which explores, over the course of several nights, the nightmares and phantasms that haunt the main character in his quest to find a master that will allow him to cede to his darkest desires and descend completely into the evil that inhabits him. Humanity is about to be dismissed by its own actions.
Azziard - "The Scarlet Man" (Official Streaming Video) 2020
Azziard - "Images of the Wanderer" (Official Music Video) 2020

Monday, May 25, 2020


Listen to five out of the ten tracks that make up the new DEATH COURIER album called Necrotic Verses, scheduled for June 5th, 2020. DEATH COURIER is a Greek band that, says Metal Archives, was active from 1987-1993, and after 2009 has been active with different personnel, with vocalist/bassist Bill as the constant member throughout the years. For more information, read the official information below.
Legendary death metal band Death Courier are one of the earliest bands from the Greek metal scene releasing a slew of demos from way back in 1987 and putting out an album and an EP in the early '90s. More than three decades later, the band is on the verge of releasing one of the strongest albums to come from the Greek death metal scene. It's hard to believe that this is the same band because the energy level is off the charts and everything has been amped up to match present day standards without of course changing the core sound and integrity. The music is still essentially the pulsating, rabid death/thrash metal kind and there remains that palpable hunger in the members to create memorable and gnarly music that they were known for. This is a lethal new album that throws down the gauntlet to the naysayers doubting the band's prowess after so many years, who will invariably be forced to eat their words. 'Necrotic Verses' will grab you by the throat and won't let go till the shockingly potent album is over. Death Courier have set new standards for themselves and others to look up to, all over again.
Death Courier is a 3-piece death/thrash band from Patra/Greece formed in January 1987. DC is one of the first death metal bands ever formed in Greece and were following the DIY ethics. In the first period of the band (1987 to 1993) the line up was Billy S. (bass/vocals), Theo S. (guitar) & Jim T. (drums). The band often played gigs in Athens & Thessaloniki with all the Greece's first wave metal & hardcore bands (Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Nightfall, Septicemia, Sadistic Noise, Vomit, Flames, Danger Cross, Acetic Voice, Exhumation, Acid Death, Naytia, Forgotten Prophecy, Epidemic, Nightstalker etc). DC was reformed in 2010 and had their first show after all these years in Patra, at Prokat 35 in May 2011. The new line up consists of Billy S. (bass/vocals) the only member of the original line up with George P. & Ilias Iliopoulos {also in vermingod } filling the guitar and drums spots.The band now is working on new material to be released in 2019 ..check out for demise lp 1992 release and perimortem cd 2013 release …. Old school Deathrash .
Necrotic Verses (Death Metal) by DEATH COURIER (Greece)

out June 5: SARPA

Texas-based SARPA already has two songs available from the upcoming June 5th, 2020 recording called Solivagus. As you will read in the official information below, this entity appears to be a one-person project by David Baxter, who, according to Metal Archives, drummed for Skrew (which for an older generation in Texas sort of became known as an offshoot from Angkor Wat, a cult band in the 1980s) from 2009 to 2013 and is involved in other musical endeavors. It appears that David Baxter does drumm programming, so it will be fun for fans to find out if this is drums, drum sampling/programming, and it also seems like Mr. Baxter is taking care of the other instruments on the recording.
While primarily embedded in the essence of black metal, Sarpa throws other ingredients such as progressive rock, acoustics, old school death/thrash, and some Afro/Latin rhythms into the pot. Solivagus was written and performed (all instruments, vocals) by David Baxter (drummer of Plutonian Shore, ex-Skrew, ex-Škan) in various studios throughout Central Texas in 2019. The album was mixed and mastered by Tony Petrocelly of Trepan Studios. Rooted in Central Texas, Sarpa was created in 2018 when Baxter decided to move ahead with a solo record, after which a process of furious writing commenced. The dawning of this solo venture came subsequent to the performance of numerous shows/festivals across North America and Europe over the years with the aforementioned bands.The journey will not end with the release of Solivagus though. Baxter plans on writing more Sarpa material for the next album, the purpose of which is to fracture the illusory mirrors of time and space!
Solivagus by Sarpa

out June 2: The Hallowed Catharsis

Listen to two new songs by The Hallowed Catharsis (Canada) from their June 2nd, 2020 recording called Killowner. Metal Archives shows that this the band's fourth EP. THC is music for fans of the fast, brutal styles. Here's some official information about the band.
Vancouver (BC) - Canada's THE HALLOWED CATHARSIS (THC) will release new EP Killowner on June 2 via Lacerated Enemy Records. THC plays a unique style of unhinged progressive death metal. Tired of generic tech-death flooding the scene, THC works to be unpredictable, brutal, and technical, while staying catchy. This attitude carries through to the live show where you can expect to see unparalleled energy. The new record, Killowner, explores faster, shorter, and more brutal song structures than on the band's previous offerings. Killowner tells the desperate story of the end of life for a mutated human pet of an elitist extraterrestrial master after she has lost her merit and attempts at having her breed prove futile.

Dyatlove official music video

Check out the official music video for "Fragile Fixation" by Dyatlove (Canada). Their self-titled recording is out on May 29th, 2020. Here is the official information about the band, and an addition track from the new recording.
Dyatlove is a passionate foray into the realm of morose singer-songwriter overtones set alongside heavy music. Longtime friends Sam Caviglia (guitar/vocals) and Rikki Jennings-Buford (guitar) bonded over bands such as Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, and Pinback.
This array of influences drives the diversity of Vancouver, Canada’s Dyatlove, who don’t feel the need to pigeon hole into a particular genre. From sad songs to crushing sludge metal to 2-minute hardcore songs, Dyatlove conveys emotion and brings the heavy with drop A tuning.
Starting individually, the band works on riffs and ideas, eventually bringing them together to be fleshed out further. As full believers of limitless creativity, they don’t tie themselves to classic song structures. The lyrics come from many places, some are stories, some are personal experiences. There are songs about love of family, songs about loss, songs about anger and songs about struggles and addictions. Although varied in subject matter they all have one thing in common, feeling.
Performing with the same intense passion and emotion that they bring to the jam space, Dyatlove intends to really connect to their fans, and show what their songs mean to them. With Rob Sheldrick (drums) and Justin Lacey (bass), the quartet delivers with an infectious openness and energy. Their self-titled, debut EP is being released on May 29, 2020 with the cassette version being released by Coup Sur Coup Records that will feature an exclusive bonus track ‘Die! Kill! Pig!’.
Dyatlove - Fragile Fixation
Dyatlove - Empty Lungs

HELD IN SECRET two new songs

Here are two audio tracks from the upcoming May 29th, 2020 EP Nomads by Held In Secret. If you enjoy heavy breakdowns, grooves, growling contrasted with melodic parts and singing, you might like the sound of this relatively new band from Canada. The makes an effort to keep the sound a little fresh, and fans of heavy grooving djenting styles might notice that. Below is the official information about the band and its release.
Held In Secret was impulsively founded in January of 2016 by Matt J. Zephyr (vocals) and David Lamothe (lead guitar) with the explicit goal of taking over the world. Since then, they have been joined by a great family of like-minded people with the addition of William Gunn (bass), Tommy Lemieux (drums) and Joey Sollazzo (rhythm guitar). These five individuals work hard every day to create the heaviest and Djentiest listening experience known to the Ottawa metal scene. Wanting the listeners to feel like they are understood, the lyrics from Held In Secret paint pictures of trauma, despair, and hope.
On December 7th, 2018, Held In Secret released their debut EP “Dawnbreaker” (Produced by Dark Moon Productions). After a year of performances, our protagonists came together in the studio once again to produce their sophomore effort called “Nomads” set for release on May 29, 2020.
Taking pride in what they do, Held in Secret ensures a wild ride for their audience as Zephyr climbs structures while scream-rapping extra multisyllabic lines; Lamothe, Gunn, and Sollazzo sing backup while shredding, jumping around and headbanging; often jumping off stage to get in the pit. The intense stage presence continues with Lemieux banging it out, full throttle behind the kit.
Held In Secret is just warming up, they have more live shows planned, as well as more music has been written ready to follow “Nomads”. Keep an ear out!
Held In Secret - Nomads (featuring Garrett Russell of Silent Planet) (OFFICIAL AUDIO STREAM)
Held In Secret - Static (OFFICIAL AUDIO STREAM)

Paralysis two new songs

Listen now to two new songs by Paralysis from New Jersey, U.S. Their 2020 album Mob Justice--their sixth recording overall, according to Metal Archives--will release on May 29th, 2020. Even though this publication has missed the boat on this band, this year marks ten years of their activities as a band. Fans of straight-ahead, old-school mosh pit songs could discover the American band to be good a find for them.
Biography: The band “Paralysis” started out in the year 2010. They went through multiple line up changes over the years. They released their first EP “No Turning Back” on September 4th of 2015. A year later their second EP was released on May 20th of 2016 titled “You Can’t Win”. Over the course of 2016, the band traveled the U.S. supporting that EP. The “U.S. Can’t Win Tour” consisted of 9 dates going down the east coast and the “Systematic Apostatic Transgressions On The Midwest Tour” consisted of 7 dates going from New York City to Chicago. The band then released their first full length album titled “Life Sentence” on June 30th of 2017. In support of that album they concluded the “Life Sentence Tour” which was their first coast to coast U.S. tour consisting of 22 dates. The “Civil Execution Tour” consisted of 7 dates going from New Jersey to Chicago and ending in Cleveland, Ohio. They started 2018 with a two week east coast tour. They are planning to consistently tour and release new music in the near future.
Mob Justice by Paralysis

Sunday, May 24, 2020

NORTHWIND new song

Listen to a new song by the returning NORTHWIND (Greece). The new album is called History, and it follows up the band's second album Mythology from 33 years ago! Here is the official information about the band and new album that comes out on 29th of May, 2020.
Someone might say that NORTHWIND is the most legendary Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Greece. Their debut album "Northcomin'" was the first of its kind in Greece, originally released in 1982, while the follow-up "Mythology" (1987) is one of the greatest albums that ever came out from Greece. At that point, NORTHWIND added many epic elements in their music and that album is recognized as one of the best albums ever released in Greece. A few years later in 1992, the band visited the United Kingdom and the famous Metropolis Studios to start recording the third album. Four tracks were recorded but those sessions were never released and NORTHWIND went on hiatus. Years later, and after a few shows including a performance at Up the Hammers Festival and a supporting show with URIAH HEEP, the legendary band from Thessaloniki completed a new album under the name "History"... and the legacy continues."History" was recorded and produced at Papa's Studio, the same studio "Mythology" was recorded 33 years ago, in order to keep the same vibe as a continuation of the '80s spirit. For NORTHWIND, that continuation is very important and the band wanted to keep their original sound. The epic elements are present once more and you can even get a WARLORD vibe in songs like "King Alexander the Third" and "Marathon March". While "Mythology" was based in ancient Greek myths, "History" explores historical figures and events of ancient Greece, with the recognizable sound of NORTHWIND, that is highly recommended for fans of URIAH HEEP, RAINBOW, DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH.
Northwind - King Alexander The Third (Lyric Video)

WITNESSES new song

Doom fans, check out a new song now on Bandcamp by the exploratory project/entity WITNESSES (U.S.). Metal Archives shows that this is the fifth album. This time around the album is called Doom II and as you will tell from the song available, this will be of interest to those in search of morose sounds. The album is programmed for May 31st, 2020. Below is the official information.
New York (NY) - Genre-defying Doom Metal project WITNESSES will self-release sophomore album Doom II on May 31. The album consists of six songs about a plague born at sea, which makes it to land, to a village that hopes its story will not be forgotten. Formed in 2016 by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Greg Schwan, the goal of WITNESSES has always been and continues to be the creation of evocative music that crosses genre lines. All principle writing and arrangement on Doom II was handled by Schwan, with vital contributions provided by instrumentalists, vocalists, artists, and photographers alike. As of 2020, WITNESSES has explored cinematic and ambient, metal, pop, and folk via four albums and four singles.

Fire From The Gods

Here are some videos from Fire From The Gods (U.S.). For fans new to the band, here is also their official biography. Their 2019 album is called American Sun.
Biography: For some artists making music isn't a choice, it's fueled by something larger than themselves. This is undoubtedly true of Fire From The Gods whose second full-length American Sun sees them adopting the tagline “In Us We Trust” meaning “we the people” are responsible for change; a unifying statement in order to try to prevent society from succumbing to the growing malaise brought on by soul-sucking technology, divisive politics and environmental destruction. “With this record what we're trying to drive home is that our differences and where we are from doesn't need to define who we are moving forward,” frontman AJ Channer explains. “Like [2016's] Narrative I'm telling the story from my perspective, but it's a story that people from all walks of life can relate to in the sense that we all face the same challenges... and the only way to conquer them is if we face them together.”
Fire From the Gods have experienced their share of ups and downs since the Austin, Texas-based act released their David Bendeth-produced (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore) debut three years ago. Since then, the band—which also features drummer Richard Wicander, guitarists Drew Walker and Jameson Teat and bassist Bonner Baker—have toured incessantly with acts like Born Of Osiris and Of Mice & Men, played festivals ranging from the Vans Warped Tour to Mexico's Force Fest, re-released their debut as Narrative Retold featuring new songs produced by Jonathan Davis of Korn and spread their message to fans all over the world. However instead of resting on their laurels, the act doubled down on their message with American Sun. “I think this record is a lot more personal because I've become a lot more open about who I am and what I've had to deal with,” Channer explains. Channer spent his childhood shuffling between London, New York, Los Angeles, Norfolk and Ghana, giving him a unique perspective on the world, however the issues that he's dealt with such as anxiety, depression, anger, rejection and loss are universal.
This is evident on the album's first single “Truth To The Weak (Not Built To Collapse).” “It started out as this triumphant call-to-action sort of song but like everything with Fire From The Gods and a lot of my writing, it's centered around self-reflection, being self-aware and, most importantly, accepting responsibility for your actions. Over driving drums and relentless riffing, the song sees Channer alternating between hip-hop rhyming and melodic singing as he spits lyrics like, “Let that boy speak / he bringing truth to the weak.” “That line is about the fact that there's always someone that's going to try to shut you down, even if it's your own fear of rejection or being told your not good enough,” he explains. “There's always someone with a louder mouth than you saying that you don't know what you're talking about. That is what the protagonist in the story of American Sun is struggling with throughout the album.”
American Sun was recorded, engineered and mixed by Erik Ron (Godsmack, Issues) over a two-month period in Los Angeles, which was a new experience for the band and one that lent itself to creating a nuanced album that grows more engaging with each listen. While the band only had a brief yet productive window of time to write and record Narrative, for American Sun the band were able to take their time when it came to not only the songwriting but also to the album's instrumentation and arrangements. “The songs on this album are the culmination of a lot of different sessions which I think was quite beneficial because we were in a lot of different moods at certain points in the writing process,” Wicander says. “Being in LA with so much time really helped us be able to curate everything and get it exactly how we wanted it.” However the band also stayed open to allowing things to happen spontaneously, which is evidenced in the syncopated, hip-hop anthem “They Don't Like It,” a song that came together organically during a one-day burst of inspiration.
Since the current lineup of the act coalesced in 2015, Fire From The Gods have integrated elements of metal, rock, hip-hop and modern rock into their sound, however they never do it in a way that's methodical or contrived. “If the song calls for screaming and angry vocals I'll do that and if it calls for something a little more melodic that's what I do, it's just about the emotion of the song and how I'm feeling at the moment,” Channer explains. “I like to say we wrote a rock record with a hip-hop ethos.” From the radio-ready hook of the opener “Victory” to the detuned groove of “All My Heroes Are Dead,” the music on American Sun is less about trying to recreate an already successful sound and more about inspiring an emotion that resonates with the listener. “People talk about emo music but in all truth and fairness I feel like all music is emotional. If music doesn't evoke an emotion why are you doing it or why are you listening to it?” he continues. “If I can create something that touches somebody and make them feel the message of the song, that's ultimately my goal,” he adds.
“You can be stronger than your past, you can be stronger than the influences that are out there,” Channer says of the “cannibal mind” that wants to consume us all. More than ever somebody needs to step up to be the voice of the voiceless—and with American Sun, Fire From The Gods have ambitiously taken on that task and crafted a truly timeless album in the process.
AMERICAN SUN Out November 1, 2019
Fire From The Gods - Right Now (Official Music Video)
Fire From The Gods - Excuse Me (Official Music Video)
Fire From The Gods - The Voiceless (Official Music Video)
Fire From The Gods - End Transmission (Official Music Video)