Thursday, December 26, 2019

in case you missed it: Angel Witch 2019

Angel Witch first formed in the middle of the 1970s in the United Kingdom and made some headway by the end of said decade and they topped it off with the highly regarded self-titled debut full album in 1980. As fans of classic-style heavy metal know, Angel Witch is a cult band that is respected and it’s not too difficult to find people online who will not stop singing the praises to this band and the debut album.
In 2019 they issued Angel of Light and the album continues in the tradition of the band. Equipped with a better production than all those years ago, the music is melodic and hard-rocking as is the style of the band. Die-hard fans of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and of cult, classic-style traditional heavy metal should be pretty happy with the contemporary Angel Witch.

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