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interview: Maze of Terror (Peru)

Check out this interview with Peruvian thrash maniacs MAZE OF TERROR. They talk about their new music and the political situation in South America. Maze of Terror is music for the old-school headbanging extreme metal fans, and that's exactly their plan since the beginning in 2011.
Hello! In 2016 you did the album Ready to Kill, and we did an interview at that time, but then in 2017 you did a split called Death for Our Rivals. What can you tell us about that EP? Is it available on Bandcamp?
Hi, comrade thanks for this bloodlines, for this space to spread our ideas and noise, and well yes we have a couple of things, an Ep called Evoked Black Souls and our new demo Death Worshipers launched the past September, but well, about the split, during the recordings of the first album, we were contacting many labels to sell the material that was to come, since it is important for us to disseminate our art, contacting people that you might like, old school bangers, in that we contacted our good friends of Nero One Records, they proposed us to edit an Ep we accept, and we started working on new themes for it, but then there was an opportunity to turn this into a split with the Witchaven brothers, we knew their music from the Black Thrash Assault demo. It is a direct band, brutally so we were quite enthusiastic about being able to join forces with them, already in 2017 Ragnaroek Records from Germany proposed us to re-edit the split on Cd and we are very happy with it.
What information can you give us about the EP called Evoked Black Souls? Is your music still fast, violent thrash?
Well, our idea is increase the brutality in our music, is because we explore more sounds in black and death metal, as it really was done in the principles of the South American school, Evoked Black Souls is part of our idea about it, more speed and brutality, the first song From Beyond is more like death metal merged in thrash, the lyrics are about nihilism and spatial mysticism. The second song is more like a blackened speed, is an homage to the legend Ayrton Sen. It is al-so an ode to the adrenaline and the desire, to be more about our obstacles and rivals, are 2 very opposite issues that we liked to put on a material that is a gift for people who support the band so it was only released in a way digital so they can appreciate it whenever they like.
In 2019 in the news we read that there are big protests in Chile. Venezuela is in a big crisis. New protests are happening now in Bolivia. You are in Lima, Peru. Is there protests, big demonstrations and actions against the government in your country, too?
South America always be an continent devastated by the politics, external and internal, the political parties always see the people as a loot to divide up, from that people take advantage ,the fake prophets, to impulse political models that will never work here, to sell false ideas, false dogmas, the worst thing is that the people of Venezuela were victims of that, and the politicians presidents of the sister nations never moved a finger to avoid it. Even now they do not have the dignity to call that dictatorship what it is, nor do I believe that getting up in arms or a guerrilla solves anything, each people chooses their rulers unfortunately, that's why some people in this part of the world are always in uncertainty, but if we fall into the trap of hating the system instead of purging it, improving it and doing it right, we will end up with many countries in economic crisis, for demagogies estab-lished abusing candor of the people, while the great powers rub their hands waiting for our resources. I congratulate and support those who stand up against the corrupts, but always remember that the best time to think about protesting and demanding is the moment in which you vote, because then everything is to repair mistakes or regret tragedies, it is a personal opinion.
In your opinion, why are people protesting? Are people tired of the corruption and the power of the corporations? What do people want, in your opinion? What do you want to see in your country? Are you personally involved in political actions?
In this continent getting sick can be a death sentence, to confuse you with a thief is to spend decades in prison without being convicted, no police will save you if they try to kill you. Our people are extremely good kind, hardworking and honest, that keeps South America moving, but nobody respects labor rights, or abides or dies of hunger, anyone who has visited the continent knows it, but our political class is disastrous. I do not believe in political models where the people are given everything, but here they never support the people or the helpless, here it is seen as a burden, it is difficult to get ahead because the state is responsible for changing things every time you feel good. In my country there has been stability for 2 decades that is very beneficial, but even corruption does not let us be what we should be. We have great artists and professionals, but corruption overwhelms us, it does not let us grow, music is an escape for it. It is a way to overcome to review the barrier, but for ex-ample I would like to dedicate less time to work and more to be able to earn the fair and do more, that is the problem here, they tie our hands.
Does the economic crisis and political problems affect your desire to continue Maze of Terror? Do fans still go the shows? Maze of Terror needs money to record music and buy instruments and things like that? Many young people cannot find jobs in Peru in general, right?
It is more difficult, but still always ahead, I will not let anyone take away this which is the most valuable thing even more than life itself, you are what you know how to do, and nobody should take that away from you. Life is a war, I do not ask for support from any dirty government, or to any guy who has his hands on the market, the only thing I ask to the bangers is to put heart to the metal and listen to new bands. This is underground and the underground respects the good whether it be a demo or a live album, all bands have the same possibility to expand power and brutality, I ask you, listen to all bands, that is the real metal, and who doesn't want to support the scene, I only say, fuck off !!!!!!!!!
Does the social and political situation make you think about the lyrics for your band? You have songs about killing, hell, torture and hatred. What do you think in 2019 about the lyrics for Maze of Terror? You have a song about killing police officers, right? Is that a good idea? How does the police and government respond to violence, with more violence, right? Who has more guns, you or the military and police? Is civil war on the agenda in South America, in your opinion?
Well, really, I become every day more closed about everything, more nihilist. I can´t never forget that the biggest problem of the people is the people, We actually love write about make suffer others, is an cure to the stress, but always we make songs about warriors to defeat his enemies because, we are warriors too, to defeat our obstacles. I really think, sometimes 99% of the time the police is an obstacle for the honest worker, and an support for the assassins, corrupts and thieves, kill that shit for me is not a bad idea, but is better write about it than really do it, his important they know what we think and that we are capable. I repeat a civil war can´t cure nothing, we have in the past so many civil wars, and everything is equal, we need to choose the correct people and support the worker people and deny the power to the corrupts to quit our objectives goals.
Metal Archives shows that you have a demo called Death Worshippers. Is that true? What news do you have of new music of Maze of Terror? Do you have a new album ready? Are working on new songs?
Yes, we not record an demo before, our idea was record new songs in an rehearsal and launch it, with a more crude sound and direct, this is called DEATH WORSHIPERS an limited edition of 50 tapes for the moment launched by our friends of Violent Visual Shock Records. It is also sold out we are happy about it, is something special for our more traditional friends, actually we have a deal with Xtreem Records, now we work on the second album, to make music more brutal, and more direct, with a raw and savage sound, and as always we will show you our war noise before to release it my friend!
How can fans support your band? Where can thrash fans hear your music and buy your music/merch?
You can find all our music via Spotify and I Tunes, and in our official site, The important is listen to metal, and stay in it, listen to new bands, is the important thing about this, attend concerts, listen honestly, comment on comment, stay in this lifestyle, kick back, and of course listen to Maze of Fucking Terror, and always keep brutal
Thanks for your time!
Thanks to you, for the time war brother, lmL

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