Monday, July 29, 2019

review: White Mantis

White Mantis
Sacrifice Your Future
Iron Shield Records
13 September 2019
White Mantis is a thrasher’s thrash band. Down to the crossing of the two t’s and the dotting of the two i’s, other thrash bands check out this band and exclaim, “Das nenne ich Thrash!” From the perspective of the band, the capitalist politicians like to say, “Vote for me and I will make the future better!” White Mantis is not interested in those promises from baby-kissing and hand-shaking politicians, if this album is anything to go by. It seems like dystopia is a very appropriate topic for them to base their fast music. In this horrid future the mutants dwell under the bridge of the old road to the sewage treatment plant in your neighborhood. Don’t ask the mutants to tell you about government policies to make life better nor about how corporations are “helping to make a difference.” It is all foul-smelling deception in the eyes of the mutants who experience every day humanity’s great product roll on the way to the plant.
Sharp riffs, fast songs and wild shouting, with drumming to keep a mosh pit going until the break of dawn, the band dreams of becoming every headbanging thrasher’s favorite new band. According to this book of heavy metal written by White Mantis, headbanging moshing thrash is the best recipe when life gets you down or when you want to celebrate in a moshing way. Saturday night’s alright for the pit, but so is any day when good, consistent, reliable thrash is on the agenda. Loud and proud is their brand since they began waking up the neighborhood in the city of Munich in the state of Bavaria, in southern Germany. Did you know that Munich has a huge Oktoberfest, the festival of festivals for all beer-loving peoples? Between Oktoberfest and White Mantis, things should be looking up for the thrashers in Munich. Expect to bang your head with fast songs and lyrics about the post-apocalypse and dystopia. The album should please the devoted fan base of classic-style zombie-and-mutant thrash, whether it is the U.S-American, Brazilian, German or any variety that upholds the tradition.

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