Wednesday, July 17, 2019

review: Eternal Storm

Eternal Storm
Come the Tide
Transcending Obscurity Records
23 August 2019
1.Through the Wall of Light Pt.I (The Strand) 06:49
2.Through the Wall of Light Pt.II (Immersion) 07:16
3.Detachment 06:34
4.The Mountain 07:16
5.Of Winter and Treason 10:36
6.Drifters 01:24
7.The Scarlet Lake 07:55
8.Embracing Waves 11:18
total time 59:08
Perhaps the biggest factor working in favor of this album is the sensation of not only the way the parts of the whole are put together but also the way that the music is executed. The band has worked a lot towards reaching the level in which the music sounds professional, ready for a bigger stage, even though they are not famous internationally. It takes a good team of knowledgeable people to give the music a platform that shows professionalism, and that’s the case here. In other words, for a band that is not an international touring act, this album’s production is solid, and should be a good experience for listeners into current melodic extreme metal. The band’s style is extreme metal with emphasis on melodic and progressive songwriting. Comparing this new album with their 2013 debut recording, the difference is stark. The 2013 recording is very cool DIY melodic death metal in the style of the classics of that particular genre. It’s a headbanging work, with lots of downtuned thrashy riffs and catchy songs. For fans of classic-style melodeath, there is very little negative to say about the debut, if anything. However, this 2019 album is a different situation. The atmosphere, the progressive and the epic elements have come to the forefront much more now.
As of this writing (July 17th, 2019), there are two full songs available now at Bandcamp. “Detachment” has these bluesy, melancholic melodies that will seal the deal for fans of the genre. In addition, at the end, the band finds this simple melody and they decide to hit it one time, then a second time, then again repeatedly, and it is very effective. This song is a good illustration of the essence of what the band does.
The album’s second half, while done superbly, loses a bit of steam. The progressive elements are a little overbearing for non-prog audiences. The slow and midtempo way that the songs are constructed results in a shortage of headbanging metal moments. The first half of the album is a good balance of headbanging, atmospheric, epic and progressive metal music, while in the second the progressive side dominates, especially on the songs “Of Winter and Treason” and “Embracing the Waves,” which are strong examples of the band’s push towards longer, drawn out compositions that entertain and also invite repeated listens to be understood better.
In conclusion, the album is a wonderful 2019 example of skilled melodic and progressive death metal. For paying customers who are not die-hard prog fans, the second half of the album may be less attractive due to the omission of the fast headbanging music. Having said that, the album is a serious achievement for the band. Dedicated customers of classic-style melodic death metal interpreted in 2019 are advised to put this album on the purchase list, and as a candidate for a top ten album of 2019. This band wants your business.

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