Wednesday, July 17, 2019

review: Comrades

For We Are Not Yet, We Are Only Becoming
Facedown Records
7 June 2019
01 Fault Lines 4:06
02 Rest 4:13
03 Smokescreen Season 3:17
04 Cliff Dwelling 4:08
05 No Past5 4:04
06 Hollow Point 3:38
07 Reflection 3:25
08 This Ends With Me 3:19
09 Half-Light 2:55
10 Nightingale 4:06
Comrades (U.S.) works with both light, ethereal guitar segments and heavy moments, while at the same time they have female melodic, soft singing with male extreme vocals. One of the most defining characteristics is the feeling of beautiful, sublime music. The guitar has an abundance soft, gentle, melodic segments that are indispensable for purposes of taking the music in the direction of melodies, contemplation, quieter moments, ambiance, catchiness and other dimensions of beautiful sounds within this context. This sublime side works especially with the contrast of the heavy side, which means shouted extreme vocals that might be interpreted like the sounds of frustrated desperation or ire, but not necessarily that; it is there as an artistic counterweight, as a different form of expression. Logically, the guitar, bass and drums launch into downtuned grooving heaviness lots of times, as necessary on the album. Of course, the gentle, melodic singing is a crucial element on the album, and one of the strong, beautiful points of the music.
The genre name aficionados might like to know that the band and everyone else seems to call this music post-hardcore and/or post-rock. Be that as it may, but those labels are helpful mostly in cases where a person won’t consider listening to anything outside of their preferred “genres.” Scene insiders may like the labels, but if you are just looking for music that might possibly interest you, according to the above description, then it’s not good to get caught up with these “post” labels. In addition, if you like the idea of rock that is both light and heavy, and you are receptive to a positive message of faith and of spirituality, then this album may be very pleasing.
Comrades - "Cliff Dwelling" OFFICIAL VIDEO

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