Thursday, July 11, 2019

NEWS: upcoming in August: TRENCH WARFARE

NEWS: Trench Warfare is bestial extreme metal from the Lone Star State, USA. Barbaric use of the instruments, and a caveman obsession with blasting and growling that is wrapped in Texas-sized clouds of reverb, this band is strictly for fans of everything related to all the names used for this music, such as bestial and war metal. They have a couple of demos, but this is their official debut album announcing their ugly arrival.
Some early listening to the album reveals a very competent band in the triangle of death area that is bestial, war and barbaric extreme metal. The main thing is to keep the music against melody, against watering down, against progressive, against experimentation and against anything that tries to domesticate and civilize the raging animal instincts of the chaos. Simplicity and feeling are crucial for this band. Fortunately, it is already possible to hear some of this music at the Bandcamp link below.
Trench Warfare
Hatred Prayer
Transcending Obscurity Records
9 August 2019
OFFICIAL INFORMATION PROPAGANDA: One of the most highly awaited albums on the label this year is of Trench Warfare who shocked listeners with their raging blend of black and death metal. They're not holding anything back and vomiting forth their vile music with all the force they can muster. It's a diabolical concoction of all that what makes this style work while adding an element of darkness and unpredictability to make them stand apart from their ilk. With a brilliant artwork from Misanthropic Art, the vision of the band is made clear and their ill-feelings towards major religions without discrimination are palpable through their music. Witness the sonic devastation that this new band is capable of and cower in fear at its overarching intent. Line up - Tony Goyang Jr. - Guitars, bass. Lee Fisher - Drums. Jay Gorania - Vocals. For fans of: Revenge, Veilburner, Blasphemy, early Destroyer 666, Incantation, Triumvir Foul, Conqueror. Artwork - Misanthropic Art (Uada, Sargeist). Logo - Timothy Grieco (Triumvir Foul, Mitochondrion). Layout and art direction - Francesco Gemelli (Master, Paganizer).
1-Decimate Legions 3:18
2-Spare No Wrath 2:20
3-Axioms 2:56
4-Barbarous Temperament 2:32
5-Astral Projection 3:23
6-Evil Shall Triumph 3:20
7-Behead Muhammad 2:50
8-Young Lord 0:57
9-New Lord 3:07
10-Blood Cleansing 2:14
11-Sate Thy Lust 3:29
12-Hatred Prayer 3:12

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