Thursday, July 11, 2019

NEWS: upcoming in August: OVERT ENEMY

NEWS: Overt Enemy is thrash from the Lone Star State, USA. They are also a Slayer tribute band in Texas. In 2018 they had an EP and now in 2019 they return with a second EP in August. The new music continues the thrash tradition that they carry on since their first EP. The new EP will have a Slayer cover, just to show people what they are about. Go to the Bandcamp link to hear a new song (they don't have the Slayer cover streaming yet but it's safe to say that said cover is a crowd pleaser.).
Overt Enemy
Confused Records
9 August 2019
OFFICIAL INFORMATION PROPAGANDA: Gnarly, confrontational, and relentless - Overt Enemy know how to deliver their thrash with Texan charm. After catching attention with their d├ębut EP Inception (including a spot in horror flick The Blood Tapes), the quartet are back and hungry for more. This time round, Possession is what drives them, and the five-track EP certainly has the right kind of maniacal frenzy. “Possession” opens with a loud and no-frills bang, setting the town ablaze before retreating in time for the next volley. The next three tracks are stellar salvos of thundering drumming from Jaime Ayala and frenetic guitar work - Leo Ortiz and Rob Hahn have a strong partnership, underpinned by Slayerella’s muscular bass playing. “In The End We Died” is especially strong, tinged with orchestral parts to drive home the song’s war-torn message - complete, as with the others, with shout-along sections to raise the rafters. To round out, there’s no better way to finish this speed run that with a cover of the almighty Slayer - “At Dawn They Sleep”, a fan favorite rendered faithfully by a band who double up as the best Slayer tribute in North America. Possession is a phenomenal second release from Overt Enemy, and one that thrash fans cannot afford to miss. The band are aiming high, and judging by the dedication in their music, they won’t miss. Overt Enemy are: Leo Ortiz - Guitar/Lead Vocal. Jaime Ayala - Drums. Laura "Slayerella" Ortiz. Rob Hahn - Guitar/Vocals.
1. Possession
2. Pray for Death
3. Blood God
4. In The End We Died
5. At Dawn They Sleep (Slayer cover)

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