Saturday, July 13, 2019

NEWS: upcoming in August: FRETLESS

NEWS: Fretless (Sweden) prefers to call their music hard rock, but it is traditional heavy metal with catchy songs and lots of melody. Below is the link to one song from their upcoming album Damnation. Fretless is a new name to this publication, although in reality the band is made up of experienced musicians that love 1980s heavy metal, heavy rock in general and classic rock, and they apparently had a debut album some eight years ago. The 2019 music is for fans of the classic-style sounds of big riffs and hooks and songs that fans can remember a lot and quickly without having to listen to the album many times. Below is the official information about the new album.
Pure Steel Records
16th August 2019
OFFICIAL INFORMATION PROPAGANDA: FRETLESS from Sweden got a great resonance in 2011 with their debut album 'Local Heroes'. Eight years later, they are putting on another musical firework on Pure Steel Records. Vocalist Patte Carlsson and his band recorded thirteen new compositions. Mastering and mixing was done by the experienced Mr. Robert Romagna. The result is a great mix of loud heavy metal and burning hard rock. Anyone who needs comparisons will be reminded of legends like ACCEPT or may walk in the traditional footsteps of PRETTY MAIDS. FRETLESS will satisfy and delight everyone with 'Damnation'.
1. Unholy War
2. Burn
3. Let’s Get High
4. Higher Ground
5. Black Widow
6. Black Moon
7. Spread Your Wings
8. Damnation
9. No More
10. Sweet Cherie
11. This Is My Home
12. Spellbound
13. Freedom
Total Playing Time: 53:36 min
LINE-UP: Patte Carlsson – vocals, guitars. Linus Andersson – guitars, backing vocals. Lasse Strand – bass, backing vocals. Ludwig Tornemalm – drums, backing vocals. Special guests: Dennis Forsberg – Let's get High, Spellbound – bass. Mattias Bergstedt – Black Moon, Freedom, This Is My Home, Sweet Cherie – drums. Per-Erik Eliasson – Burn – Hammond Organ.

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