Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Death SS

Death SS
Rock ‘n’ Roll Armageddon
High Roller Records
12 July 2019
Death SS (supposedly, “Death of Stefano Silvestri,” the vocalist and a founding member known as “Steve Sylvester”) is one of the oldest Italian metal names today going all the way back to 1977. This is the ninth studio album, but Metal Archives provides a massive list of singles, demos, EPs, splits, videos, compilations and live recordings. This album was originally released in 2018, but this is the High Roller Records version. As you can see from the cover, there is a certain motif that is at work. The task is converting it into classic-rock traditional heavy metal filled with ornaments of gothic, horror, pop and anthem rock; and with Mr. Sylvester’s decades of experience it means that you are in good hands if you are here for an old-fashioned good time with monsters, ghouls, vampires and all those things that go bump in the night.
The experience gives Mr. Sylvester sophistication in the creation of catchy songs. The drumming sounds programmed in certain places resulting in a bit of an old-school pop industrial sound. Keep in mind that the foundation is classic-rock heavy metal, so this music is considerably easy to understand on a first listen. Some of this sounds like goth dance club music, some of it is more guitar-oriented, while still a mix of all the elements already mentioned. It is meant to be fun, party heavy rock with dark-goth-pop vibes.

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