Thursday, January 10, 2019

Usurper release lyric video "Lords of the Permafrost" from their upcoming album Lords of the Permafrost

Chicago, U.S.A. old-school extreme metal battalion Usurper will have a new album in March of 2019. It will be called Lords of the Permafrost. Known for providing the old school to the old school of extreme metal, watch the video below and hear for yourself what the Chicago metal syndicate Usurper will bring in 2019. Read the official news, hype, propaganda and sales materials, and get all excited for the end of the Usurper studio silence.
The band commented about the upcoming album: "After a 14-year hiatus, Usurper are proud to return with our sixth full length album entitled, "Lords of the Permafrost". Back when we formed in 1993, we had the goal to create heavy, memorable songs with the anthemic quality of traditional Heavy Metal, combined with the heaviness of death metal, the fury of thrash metal, the atmosphere of black metal and the straight-forward, ass-kicking of 70's Hard Rock.... 25 years later, we feel we have stayed true to our original objective and have recorded the quintessential Usurper album. Lyrically these songs explore topics such as monster folklore, the paranormal and other obscure tales, all while being delivered with a lethal dose of Heavy Metal bravado. Usurper never have, and never will chase trends. We have only returned to bring our next chapter of metal to the Worldwide Warriors of Iron and Rust, and kick maximum ass!"
About Usurper: Formed in the early 1990s, Usurper has released five full length albums and toured worldwide, headlining metal festivals in Europe and the United States and also supporting the likes of Manowar, Cradle of Filth, Enthroned, and Enslaved. Eschewing social and political ideologies, the band writes classic heavy metal anthems that incorporate folklore, science fiction, and paranormal topics. On the eve of releasing their sixth album Lords of the Permafrost, which may be their strongest work yet, this Usurper delivers a heavy metal punch in the gut that's just as relevant today as when they rose through the ranks of the underground music scene twenty-five years ago.
Biography: 1992: Guitarist Rick Scythe and vokillist, General Diabolical Slaughter and Joe "Apocalyptic" Warlord began writing some songs, to simply create music inspired by the early-mid 80's thrash/black/underground heavy metal, for their listening pleasure only. The band was a concept and ideas were still being worked out.
1993, Usurper became a full time band; the three spent many hours in Joe's patio crafting their songs and by 1994, entered Eaton Records to record their first demo...
1994: The classic "Visions From the Gods" 4 song demo cassette tape was pressed and 1,300 were sold and distributed worldwide.
1995: Jon Necromancer (bass) joins the band. Usurper sign a European deal with the cult Norwegian label HEAD NOT FOUND, run by Metalion of Slayer Magazine fame, who released their debut album Diabolosis on CD.
1996: Usurper sign with The newest, most metal label on the planet, RIP Records (USA), who release Diabolosis on gatefold vinyl.
1997: Usurper signs to Necropolis Records (USA) who released their classic Usurper MCD "Threshold of the Usurper" - which sold over 10,000 copies on 4 different labels on CD, Vinyl, Picture Disc, and cassette tape.
Later that year Usurper headline their first show and also appear at Chicago's EXPO of the Extreme. Apocalyptic Warlord leaves Usurper. Usurper tours US with Dark Funeral with drummer Andy Von Chaos. Later that year, Dave Hellstorm joins the band.
1998: Usurper tour Europe for the first time with Enthroned and Hecate Enthroned. Usurper record Skeletal Season.
1999: Skeletal Season is released on Necropolis Records. Usurper tour West Coast with Sadistic Intent and Exhumed supporting and US and Canada supporting Cradle of Filth and Rotting Chrst. Visions From the Gods [re-issue] is released on digi-pack CD. Merciless Records (Germany) releases Skeletal Season on gatefold vinyl.
2000: Usurper record Necronemesis at Nomad Studios, Texas. The album features guest vocals by Proscriptor of ABSU and KING DIAMOND on the title track. Later that year Usurper support Cradle of Filth and Christian Death on a 26 date tour of Europe. Usurper enlisted 2nd guitarist (for live shows only), Carcass Chris. Later that year Merciless Records (Germany) releases Necronemesis and Visions from the Gods on Vinyl.
2001: Usurper sign with Earache Records. Earache re-issues both Visions from the Gods and Necronemesis on CD. Usurper headline a show at the legendary New York club, CBGB's
2002: Usurper tour US supporting Manowar. Usurper record TWILIGHT DOMINION.
2003: Twilight Dominion released by Earache Records. Dave Hellstorm leaves the band and is replaced live by Cleveland Stever for US tour the with Enslaved. Joe Warlord rejoins Usurper, General D. Slaughter leaves the band. Dan Tyrantor joins Usurper on vocals.
2004: Usurper records CRYPTOBEAST for Earache Records.
2005: CRYPTOBEAST is released by Earache. Usurper play various headlining mini-tours in 3 countries to promote the release.
2006: Usurper headline mainstage day 1 at INFERNO FEST (Norway) and headline Minneapolis Metal fest.
2007: Usurper disbands. Primitive Reaction (Finland) re-issues "Threshold of the Usurper on CD and Vinyl.
2014: Usurper (original line-up) first started rehearsing again for a possible appearance at the R.I.P. Records 20th Anniversary Concert. This line-up of Usurper however disbanded shortly before the show could happen, due to certain members inability to rehearse or ability to perform.
2015: Joe Warlord, along with Rick Scythe assemble a new version of Usurper. The two original founding members (Rick and Joe) decided that Usurper fans deserve better than just assembling the original line-up simply for nostalgia sake, who were not dedicated or not up to par musically with what Rick and Joe demand. Instead, the duo thought it was better to enlist Die-Hard members with 100% conviction, desire and ability to join Usurper. Long-time Cryptobeast era vocalist Dan Tyrantor rejoined the band. Shortly after Joe enlisted Project: Tsunami bassist & long-time Usurper fan: Scott Maelstrom to step in as the newest member of Usurper.
The current line-up of Usurper is stronger than before and musically superior to any past line-ups. Usurper will perform for the first time in 10 years at the 2015 Holiday of Horror Festival in Chicago.
Usurper - Lords Of The Permafrost (Lyric Video) 2019 // Soulseller Records

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