Tuesday, January 22, 2019

doom band Maestus release new lyric video

Maestus brings elegance to the genre of death doom. The band has a new album is that is coming up. Hear for yourself the direction of the album and find out more about it with the official information below.
Maestus is "forlorn and despondent blackdoom from the Pacific Northwest": SP (Pillorian, ex-Arkhum); KRP (Grst, Gash); SB (ex-Ninth Level); CL (Lodge of the Empty Bed; NK (Grst, Banewreaker).
Doom band MAESTUS have just released a lyric video for the title track from their upcoming album Deliquesce. The album will be released on Feb 8th via code666. The recording is described as a 50-minute slab of charred and filigreed granite channeling frustration, anxiety, and estrangement into a blackdoom cauldron in the vein of Pallbearer, Ahab, Shape of Despair and Evoken. In further news the band has announced some shows to coincide with the album's release date. All dates can be found below:
Portland OR
Maestus, Ninth Moon Black, The Swan Thief
Tonic Lounge
Olympia, WA
Maestus, Ninth Moon Black, Entrail
Eugene, OR
Conan, Maestus, and Sixes
Old Nick's Pub
MAESTUS "Deliquesce"

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