Thursday, January 3, 2019


Als das Licht verging
release date: October 26th, 2018
label: Einheit Produktionen
1. Konstellation 04:46
2. Vinland 06:16
3. Sol Invictus 06:28
4. Flux Temporis 05:18
5. Sternenstaub 04:51
6. Gezeiten 06:02
7. Stella Polaris 09:34
total time 43:15
Broadly speaking, the music is European-style pagan metal. The music works with fundamental ideas of black metal: the melodies, the riffing and the vocals come from a black metal tradition. That’s not all, however. The speed of the songs is mostly a comfortable, uptempo/midtempo pace that is very, very appealing, and it helps that the music is melodic and pleasant on the ears. The result is a melodic and memorable album, with some melancholic and folk vibes, in addition to some progressive elements.
The vocals are a black-metal style of rasp. The vocals are mixed in the production in proportion to the overall volume of the music. The vocals do not take over the music, which has plenty of room to breathe and roam. The voice itself is done well, too. The rasp is not too high, suggesting that the band has considerable experience in the vocals department; how to do strong BM vocals, how to work with the strength of the style; how to record them; how to mix them in the recording. There are some parts with a midrange, male singing associated with folk/pagan metal, but that is not the predominant style.
Every song features a good rhythm, and melodies or melodic passages to keep the listener engaged. Sometimes it is a clean (acoustic?) guitar, sometimes it is good riffs, sometimes it is a melodic solo, sometimes it is a recurring simple melody carried by the guitar. At any rate, it seems like the musicians have spent the time crafting the melodies for all the songs so that the listener hear the songs as whole units. The fact that the music is uptempo/midtempo (not blasting speed; not a hectic pace), it just makes it that much easier and quicker to understand what’s going on.
The album is quality. It looks like the band prefers a more organic production. The double bass kicks do not sound clicky and triggered, but I don’t know for sure. The drums sound like real drums. The melodies are catchy, but not happy, either. Fans of European-style progressive black/pagan metal with memorable songs would be very pleased with the album. It is full of charm.

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