Thursday, December 27, 2018

Karmic Link

Karmic Link
Dark Metropolis
release date: October 19th, 2018
label: Rockshots Records
This album is really fun, compact, and catchy. It is focused on nothing else if not on creating direct songs that any open-minded rock music aficionado can understand, and understand them very quickly. The music utilizes various components to achieve this objective. Karmic Link works a particular type of dark pop goth metal that is nowhere near as strange as it looks in print to read it.
The songs and drumming are driven by big beats. The energy of the drumming works very well with the gothic/dance/pop/prog melodies of the keyboards, which is crucial for this album. The keyboards almost steal the show, actually, given their preponderance. The guitar riffs are also beat-driven and you could say that they take a back seat to the percussion and keyboards in terms of dominance. Having said that, the guitar melodies and solos, which are kept on a tight leash here, are very catchy. They get in, do their work, and leave after their work is done. The vocals are something like dark gothic industrial; somewhat shouty, somewhat growly, possibly with some effects on them, but pushed back enough in the mix for a proportionate element in the music.
The album delivers catchy song, after catchy tune. Every song has something to hook you in. This music might make you dance or bang your head or go to a rave. Or something like that. It looks like the band doesn’t care about genre rules or music behavior rules. Dance or mosh, it’s all the same here. Just relax those shoulders. It’s music. Different. Fun. Catchy. Surprising. Karmic Link.

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